Gateway NURI problems anyone?

Gateway NURI problems anyone?

My Powerwall system went dark about 24 hours ago. Working with live Tech Support the installer determined the NURI unit went offline spontaneously. It needed to be reset by unplugging wires from it. This seems a serious flaw. Anyone else had this problem?

jonc | 29. syyskuu 2017

Mine has been offline for 8 days. 3 calls to tech support with no response other than we are working on it. Oh by the way, when it’s offline, it does not even provide backup power to the house. Seriously bad. Even if all internet goes down I still want backup power !

bruceplmail | 29. syyskuu 2017

Tech Support or Customer Service is sorely lacking. CLearly, they are overworked and understaffed. The result is stonewalling. The problem of temperamental new equipment makes it worse. When Tesla sees customers moving to other sources they will pay more attention.

quann415 | 18. lokakuu 2017

Tech support is a joke when it comes to the Powerwall. Stonewalling is the new tactic. They recite "software team is working on it" line to all issues. I've had my battery replaced with a new one due to cooling pump failure and now I cannot change the reservation level on the battery. Opened ticket for over 3 weeks with little or no communication. Horrendous customer service.

AlexanderCarson | 12. tammikuu 2018

"The technical support team is working on this" - the answer to all questions

spmeister | 13. tammikuu 2018

My system stopped working in the extreme cold weather recently. The gateway worked, but couldn’t see the batteries, so I was down to solar & grid and no storage.
I figured it was due to the cold. Called them up and they said there was a new version of the gateway software they’d push down that should solve the issue. Took a week but last Sunday (6 days ago as I write this) they pushed 1.11.0 and the batteries started working again. Then yesterday they called me back to confirm that it was working and also that the new software has features that should mitigate poor battery performance in cold temperatures.
Proactive of them to call.