Thank you Tesla

Thank you Tesla

I want to thanks Tesla. After the hurricane impact in Puerto Rico we are still having an electricity blackout and now I can appreciate the invention of the PoweWall 2. Most of the people are making long lines and wait for hours to buying gas power generators and they have to spend a lot of money on gasoline, propane gas or diesel every day and making long lines to fill their containers. Some people are spending over $300 dollars a week in gas or diesel. They have to shutdown their power generator for maintenance and spend a lot of money to find replacement filters.

Many people are paying over price for the generators and doing long lines waiting if the generators arrived. And many power generators mechanic are making a lot of money fixing generators because they increased the prices for services.

For all that I thank Tesla.

tesla_solar_lover | 25. tammikuu 2020

Is there any relation to this phone number? I saw it on a few websites for solar power. It even said tesla for some reason, but when you call it doesn't say tesla this one -> 855-883-7418 Doesn't make any sense. Thanks