HELP!!! Tesla still cannot deliver drawings

HELP!!! Tesla still cannot deliver drawings

I am EXTREEMELY frustrated! It has been over 6 weeks that Tesla has been trying to deliver designs for a simple solar panel system and batteries... with only 9 panels, and I still do not have a decent design.

I got several iterations that had EXTREEMELY poor quality:
- One had 6 panels instead of 9
- One had no panels and only batteries
- One had panels that are off to the side
- One had panels that are vertical instead of default landscape
- and it has been over 2 weeks that Tesla committed to deliver a new design and it is still not there

What is going on?

Tesla first blamed problems on surveyor, then on designers, then on sales, and CS takes 48 hours to respond to emails... Escalations to CS manager on 2 occasions result in promises of "manager will call you back later today" but I get no calls. All I hear is I am sorry, so and so did a bad job, and you know what, I DO NOT CARE who did a bad job. All I know, is that the whole team is TOTALLY incompetent, and is not capable of delivering a simple design AS OF YET.


Tesla committed to delivering system before EOY. I do not understand why they are dragging their feet, and stressing me to this level!!!

My poor sales lady who seems frustrated and powerless is Erikka Santiago.
The personal concierge who takes 48 hours to respond is Taylor Gurney.
The CS manager who does not call back is Allen Compton.

PLEASE FIX YOUR ISSUES. I have an order for a Tesla car, and I am really concerned about Tesla's quality, service and ability to deliver.

PLEASE facilitate delivery of these drawings, and ensure that team delivers on what it PROMISED customer that system will be installed before EOY.

Ben Ayed
650 690 0634