Easy Entry feature -now forgetting my seat position

Easy Entry feature -now forgetting my seat position

Anyone else noticing since using Easy Entry feature that the seat is not returning back to its memorized seat position? I get in the car, the seat starts moving from the Easy Entry position, I wait, and it stops moving way before reaching the position I had previously set. Happens every time basically, and then I have to move the seat and find a position I like again and set it again as my position. Also I notice when I start to move the seat controls again during this recurring cycle, the seat initially will not respond to the controls, until I keep pushing and releasing the controls a few times, then it moves.
Also (sorry, another seat issue to mention), the seat feels creaky at the internal side bolster, not something you can hear but I can definitely feel it, kind of annoying/unpleasant.
Let service center know? Have had the car 3 months.

AIA304 | 15. joulukuu 2017

Have a similar issue with key fob linking of seat, mirror, steering wheel. Every time I enter car after wife, my seat and wheel doesn’t move. Mirrors do. After checking which user is linked, it shows mine entry, but the seat and wheel only change after I press my user setting in center console on top.

Any one else else see this. Reboots didn’t help.

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christurbeville | 15. joulukuu 2017

@AIA304 I've seen that IF my wife has her fob. Like it won't move if it can see the other and doesn't know which fob is driving. To OP's point I too have noticed my seat never goes precisely to the same place. It didn't work before say if a valet or car wash moved the seat it'd return properly but from easy entry it doesn't. Probably a bug.

mtapper | 23. lokakuu 2018

I set up Easy Entry on my 2018 Model S 75D one week ago. It worked flawlessly until today. Today, upon entering the vehicle, Easy Entry kept tilting forward and moving forward pinning me up against the steering wheel. When I pressed my driver profile, nothing happened. When I tried to restore my driver profile, nothing happened. I manually returned everything to the proper position and saved the profile again. When I got into the car again, the same thing happened. I rebooted (soft and hard) with no effect. I deleted the Easy Entry profile and everything seems stable again. There was only one key fob near or in the vehicle. This sound familiar to anyone? Resolutions?

sr.smr | 23. lokakuu 2018

@mtapper, I had a similar problem whereby I was sitting in the car, while in park, waiting to pick up my friend. When I place the car in drive to leave, the seat started to move forward from the easy entry position and squeezed me against the steering wheel. I had to relearn my profile and easy entry. So far its OK, but will call service if it happens again.