Web Browser thinks I am in Spain

Web Browser thinks I am in Spain


Wondering if anyone else has this issue?

The web browser in my MS (which has latest 8.1 software), thinks it is in Spain, rather than the UK.

Whenever I go to sites that are location aware, they always come up in Spanish.

My Spanish is pretty much non-existent, so makes the browser almost useless for me.

Chewy | 17. joulukuu 2017

I'm in the USA, but If I remember correctly, there will be a couple of letters in the URL address like ".../es/..." for Spain. I think if you edit "es" to "uk" in the URL, it will switch to the UK version. I had a similar issue 2-3 years ago and got into the Italian site with "/it/".

tjohnwez | 17. joulukuu 2017


Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, that is not the answer. If I enter UK web addresses, for something like google, it still goes to the Spanish site. It is not just google, it is any webpage that has location support, which is pretty much everything important.

How did you resolve your issue?


Chewy | 17. joulukuu 2017

I was wrong above, the UK insertion is ".. /en_GB/..."

Ok, sounds like you have a bad cookie (a guess, I don't know for sure). Try erasing your cookies (every browser is different, but google it if you don't know how).

Then try this URL:

It should get you back on track with the UK version of the Tesla site.

EVRider | 18. joulukuu 2017

@TeslaTap: The OP is about issues with the Model S browser, so I’m not sure clearing cookies is an option.

PatientFool | 18. joulukuu 2017

It's just Tesla AI letting you know where it thinks the two of you should go on vacation ;-). Get driving! | 18. joulukuu 2017

@EVRider - I totally missed that it was the MS browser. I don't know a way to clear cookies (or if it stores them) on the MS browser.

@ tjohnwez - You might try a reset (hold both scroll wheels in for 15 seconds) the main screen will reboot - takes about 60 seconds. Maybe it will clear cookies and/or any browser caching. Try the URL I provided above to go to the UK Tesla site. Let us know if that works or not.

tjohnwez | 18. joulukuu 2017

Ah,,,,,, Thanks for the comments.

I will try the reboot and see if that helps. I am new to Tesla so this is all fascinating to me :-)


tjohnwez | 19. joulukuu 2017

Rebooting did not work :-(

Have to wait until Tesla sort it out.

Oicu8lsd | 18. tammikuu 2018

Unfortunately, the issue is that your car has a Spanish SIM. Mine is the same. Google reads off the SIM origin data and automatically assigns appropriate language preferences. No idea if Tesla is planning to resolve this, but I would guess they’re not going to bother until they decide to offer an upgrade from 3G.

Galve2000 | 18. tammikuu 2018

Why does the OP have a Spanish SIM card in his car? Do all European-Spec cars have a Spanish SIM card?

barrykmd | 18. tammikuu 2018

Did you Press 1 for English?

julio.lema | 19. lokakuu 2018

Interesting. I am in Spain and my MS browser uses Dutch. I regularly correct it but it keeps coming back. It would be a useful config setting.

julio.lema | 19. lokakuu 2018

Interesting. I am in Spain and my MS browser uses Dutch. I regularly correct it but it keeps coming back. It would be a useful config setting.

saiidm62 | 22. huhtikuu 2019

I also have the same problem but I'm from london

4DXP | 26. toukokuu 2019

I have the same problem after importing a Belgian car

booshtukka | 26. toukokuu 2019

I don’t believe this is because it has a Spanish SIM. There is no way that google or any website would be able to read data from your SIM - that would be a massive privacy issue.

It’s much more likely that Tesla is using their own VPN for all traffic from the car, perhaps to strip out unnecessary data of track requests. If this VPN has, for example, a Spanish IP address, that would be enough for google to think you’re in Spain.

Tesla’s servers in the US would have US IP addresses - that’s why they wouldn’t see this behaviour. In Europe, it seems like there are only a few servers - and definitely not in London.

This is conjecture. I could test this tomorrow.

booshtukka | 26. toukokuu 2019

*or track requests