Why I Love My Model S - Reason #59

Why I Love My Model S - Reason #59

My parents have a steep driveway that goes down from the street. If you head down and there are any cars in the driveway you can not turn around and are forced to back out when you leave.

I have tried backing out in many different ICE’s over the years and it is never pretty. The back of the car is sticking up so looking out the rear window and mirrors all you see is sky. Even with the typical rear camera you cannot see where you are going. If it is dark forget it. When you try to back up the car revs and lurches as the front wheels load up with the weight of the car.

In the Model S it is easy. The huge screen clearly shows where you are going even when it is dark. And, of course, the car smoothly powers up the hill with no drama. No lurching, slamming on the brakes to avoid rolling back, etc. Just nice and smooth. Amazing.

Happy Holidays all...

Mathew98 | 25. joulukuu 2017

Who doesn't enjoy backing up, @ss toward the sky? Wait, what are we talking about?


Silver2K | 25. joulukuu 2017

I agree with CA l, I've never had it so easy backing out of a long driveway. When it is suggested to turn around I just say "I got it, thanks!"


nickfiji | 25. joulukuu 2017

whats your other 58 reasons? :)

Uncle Paul | 25. joulukuu 2017

agreed. Super easy to back up.

My reason 58 is that the heat comes on instantly on a cold day. No need to wait 5 minutes for the engine to warm up.

Zoriy | 03. tammikuu 2018

For a long time I wanted Tesla and finally my dream come true! I took a lease Tesla Model S at these guys and very pleased with it. The car is elegant and ecologic with a very nice design. Love this car