Tesla Model X - 3rd row stuck in down locked position

Tesla Model X - 3rd row stuck in down locked position

The Model X in the Atlanta Avalon showroom had a 3rd row seat stuck in the down position when we first went in back in May.
The 24 test drive Model X we had (different vehicle) had a 3rd row stuck in the down and locked position.

Now our 4 month old Model X has a 3rd row stuck in the down and locked position. Seems like a known issue.

I now understand they are made by a third party and Tesla support doesn't even have an ETA for a fix/replacement.

Who else is having this issue and is below the same customer service you're receiving? Going on a month with zero progress.

• Called Tesla Support
• Ticket Opened
• 3rd party makes the seats

• Called Tesla Support
• No ETA on the seats
• Escalation sent to parts

• Called Tesla Support
• No ETA on the seats

• Called Tesla Support - Talked to Sean
• Computer was down, had to call me back
• Sean called back – no ETA for the seats again
• Requested secondary escalation with Parts

Is there anything more we should be doing? (posted in the other tesla forum as well)


3s-a-charm | 28. joulukuu 2017

I'm sure you are aware that you sometimes need to push the "release button" twice when folding or unfolding the seats? Sorry to hear you are having this issue - very inconvenient!

lilbean | 28. joulukuu 2017

I thought mine was stuck but the service advisor put a little muscle behind it fine now.

stepheng | 28. joulukuu 2017

Mine stuck as well.Needs more than a little muscle. Impossible to shift.

Solarman004 | 28. joulukuu 2017

Had mine fail last year. The entire 3rd row needs to be replaced as the individual motor latches are not designed to be removable.
I waited about 3 weeks for the seat to arrive and a Ranger swapped it out in my garage on about 45 minutes.

LTO2 | 28. joulukuu 2017

@chris.o...; Had the same problem a couple of months ago. Contacted the local Service Center, scheduled an appointment, took the X in, seat repaired in a day. Diagnosis: disconnected cable. No problem with 3rd row seats since.

chris.ozment | 29. joulukuu 2017

I've tried all combinations of pushing the button, pushing down, pulling up, sitting on it, etc etc. no luck. a LOT of muscle, no luck.

@LTO2 - you can hear the lock mechanism trying to work so I'll give the service center a call and ask about this. thanks.

LTO2 | 29. joulukuu 2017

@chris...: Same situation for me: pushing the button resulted in hearing the activation of the release mechanism, but no release of the lock. Again, was an easy fix by the Service Center. Hope the same is the case for you.


Vawlkus | 02. tammikuu 2018

Try taking out the trunk ‘lid’ behind the seats. I had a jam once, and doing that cleared it.

COrich | 02. tammikuu 2018

@chris.. I had a similar problem this November. Yes, the seats are all custom ordered per the VIN of your vehicle. The entire rear seat assembly is replaced when this happens. It took about a month to get the new seat. The ranger picked up my X, replaced the seat assembly and returned to to my work place in a day (it was too cold to do the repair in the parking lot).

chris.ozment | 23. tammikuu 2018

Tying mine off....

I scheduled an appoint on 1/11/18 for them to apparently "manually" put my 3rd row seat back in the upright position since I was never given an ETA for the new ones. I arrived on that Thursday morning and while checking in they asked me "Hey Chris, did you know your 3rd row seats came in?". ...Uh, no but great. So glad my issue was resolved but their communications are a bit lacking. My replacements took 5 weeks.

alon | 28. heinäkuu 2018

I'm in the same boat. Was told the parts would be ordered but since my service center (Sunnyvale) is unresponsive I don't know when they are expected. This is totally insane. Tesla is aware this is a widespread issue with many brand new cars and still don't offer an adequate solution or compensation. I had so much better service experience when I owned a Dodge!

schutzf | 18. elokuu 2018

Today, i got the same problem to lift up the rear seat on the driver side. Right seat works well. So, service center needed . Shit happens

schutzf | 20. elokuu 2018

Update. I was at the service center. No way to fix the problem. The entire rear seat assembly should be replaced. Order purchased. No spare parts available for my white seats. Delivery time not possible to tell me. Maybe a few weeks for costumers in Europe. We will see.

NinjaNiklas | 14. joulukuu 2018

Exact same issue and i just got my mx.

jjgunn | 14. joulukuu 2018

It's possible you're not understanding how the seats operate.

There is a button - upper back corner of each seat. Difficult to see but it's there. Press it. Give the seat a chance to react & lift.

As long as it's not up against row 2 the seats should come up.

P.S. I initially thought I had this issue myself.

Teslaer | 16. joulukuu 2018

Mine gets stuck occasionally, but usually I just press the release button harder and it engages.

It’s odd because after you press the release button you hear that noise which makes it seem like it’s been released, but for one of the seats I need to depress it twice.

jabe999 | 16. joulukuu 2018

This is a known problem. Happened to me . Ranger came and fixed it.