$2,500 California Rebate

$2,500 California Rebate

Is there an income limit?

stevenmaifert | 30. joulukuu 2017
lilbean | 30. joulukuu 2017

Vehicle Date of Purchase/Lease* Income Cap

November 1 2016 – Present
$150,000 for single filers
$204,000 for head-of-household filers
$300,000 for joint filers

March 29 2016 – October 31 2016
$250,000 for single filers
$340,000 for head-of-household filers
$500,000 for joint filers

Prior to March 29 2016
Not Applicable

Mozart | 31. joulukuu 2017

I took delivery of the model 3 last Wednesday, 12/27/17. I am over the income cap on my last return in 2016. I think I will be under the income cap when I file my 2017 tax return in a couple of months. Can I wait until that return is filed to qualify for the $2,500 rebate?

stevenmaifert | 31. joulukuu 2017

Yes. You took delivery in the 2017 tax year. It's an honor system. Only a portion of CVRP applicants are selected for income verification. Do not submit copies of your federal tax return unless requested by a CVRP team member. Go to the link I provided above for more details on the income verification process.

waynetsilva | 01. toukokuu 2018

are the Federal and CA rebates based on who takes ownership of the vehicle?
I was thinking of selling mine after a month, and wondering if the new owner gets the rebates

jvcesare | 01. toukokuu 2018

@waynetsilva CA has a rebate. The Federal Government is giving you a tax credit. They are very different things. Both only apply to a "new" vehicle registration, therefore used cars are not eligible.

jvcesare | 01. toukokuu 2018

@waynetsilva ...also CA rebate requires you to own the vehicle for 30 consecutive months. If you sell it, you are require to notify CVRP and give the money back..

Alex_SD | 01. toukokuu 2018

CA gives you an incentive, which means that is coming from the state budget.
IRS gives you a tax break, which means that it's coming from your OWN tax money.

So, I don't want to hear people claiming to subsidize people wearing a tie and driving a Tesla to work.
It's not their money, it's MY own money!

However, when it comes to California, they do have a point...

Lreese68 | 01. toukokuu 2018

Only a portion of applicants are selected for income verification. If you are not selected, you do not need to submit proof of income. If you are selected, you must provide proof of income. Failure to provide documentation for income verification will result in your application being cancelled and no rebate issued. See our FAQ "How do I know if I’ve been selected for income verification?" for more information.

IntelSPE | 01. toukokuu 2018

My income is above CA rebate limit but what if I add my brother's name on title and he submit CA rebate? Will that work? Can I claim federal tax credit on my tax return?

jvcesare | 01. toukokuu 2018

@AlexDoro The CA rebate does come from the state budget but is funded from Cap and Trade auction proceeds, so it's not your tax money either. Another Cap and Trade proceeds program is the semi-annual climate credit on your electric bill. I just got mine.

BobABooey | 01. toukokuu 2018

How long does it take to get the CA rebate? I submitted my application on 3/24 and still no word.

socaldave | 01. toukokuu 2018

@LoveFolsom - mate, I am far from an expert, but that sounds suspiciously close to tax fraud. I could see if it was your wife, and you filed as married / jointly and you used a single purchase across multiple returns. Ask your tax pro.

jvcesare | 01. toukokuu 2018

@LoveFolsom Having your name on the title isn't enough. You must also sign the vehicle purchase agreement. Also, you are conspiring to commit fraud.

jvcesare | 01. toukokuu 2018

@BabaBooey It takes 35 days until they review the application and then it could take another 90 days to cut the check. It's quite the tenses.

diegoPasadena | 01. toukokuu 2018

@ BabaBooey - I just received my approval e-mail, and in it it says "We typically issue rebate checks within 90 days of application approval".

diegoPasadena | 01. toukokuu 2018

oops - jvcesare beat me to it.

btbailey9 | 01. toukokuu 2018

My 3 was delivered on 1/22/18. I submitted the CVRP application on 1/29/18 and it was approved on 3/5/18/ I received the $2,500 check (dated 4/20/18) on 4/26/18. So, about three months from application to payment.

stevenmaifert | 01. toukokuu 2018

01/26/2018 Application Submitted
03/01/2018 Approval Email Received
04/24/2018 Payment Sent Email Received
04/26/2018 Check Received

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