What to expect from Tesla in 2018

What to expect from Tesla in 2018

Saw this article from Tesla Motor Club and wanted to share:

A few things that we should expect in 2018:

Ramping Model 3 production to 5,000 per week
Standard range Model 3 deliveries
Dual motor Model 3
Announcing locations and perhaps even breaking ground on one or two new Gigafactory locations
Coast to coast autonomous drive
Solar roof tile deliveries
Megacharger location deployments
Sneak peaks of the Roadster 2020 and Semi as they start road testing
New Tesla mobile app with several new features
By July 2018, Tesla will be the first automaker to cross the 200,000 U.S. vehicle delivery mark. This starts the countdown to phase out the U.S. federal incentive for Tesla’s vehicles.

A few things we might see:

A reveal event for Model Y
More info about Tesla Pickup Truck (what is the game-changing feature?)
Performance version of Model 3
Model S and X interior redesign to bring it up to snuff with the Model 3 minimalism
Model S and X moving to the 2170 cell. This is certainly possible, but given the desire to ramp Model 3 as fast as possible, it may be a good idea to keep S & X on the unconstrained 18650 for another year.
120kWh Model S / X: if these vehicles move to the 2170, a range upgrade would be a nice add-on.
Improved voice commands that reduce the need to use the touchscreen for many settings
TeslaTunes streaming music service
Tesla Network ridesharing service
Surprises that we could never predict

2018 should be a great year for Tesla. :) | 12. tammikuu 2018

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