AUTOMOBILE Magazine names Model 3 "Design of the Year"

AUTOMOBILE Magazine names Model 3 "Design of the Year"

Check out the strong positive review by Automobile magazine naming the Model 3 "Design of the Year."

But buried in that flattering prose is the statement that the Model 3 "has a heads up display" for driver information......


George with SacEV | 17. tammikuu 2018
ReD eXiLe ms us | 17. tammikuu 2018

AUTOMOBILE is a Sister publication of MOTOR TREND. I believe they share some writers & editors.

Sjkryan | 17. tammikuu 2018

I noted the same erroneous head-up display comment. Tried to email the article's author but his published gmail address is incorrect. Would be great if true, but we know it's not.

andy.connor.e | 17. tammikuu 2018

They were a bit harsh on the photoshop in those pictures. | 17. tammikuu 2018

Good article - I didn't see anything about a heads up display so perhaps they removed it.

mos6507 | 17. tammikuu 2018 the photos...

wait for it...

...Alcantara headliner.

andy.connor.e | 17. tammikuu 2018


They must have removed it. I also read that part but ignored it because no HUD of any kind is a real thing.

Haggy | 17. tammikuu 2018

It's a fair article. I haven't ridden in the middle back seat, but one important thing to note is that given the flat floor and lack of a hump, the middle seat might be more comfortable than they expect. In the Model S, it even has slightly more headroom than the ones on the sides. For three passengers without girth issues, I assume that the Model 3 middle seat will be far better than in other cars in the same size category.

As far as best sedan, I'd say that it's the best for the price. I'd also say that the Model S is the best for the price and well worth the price. But if I had to weigh things, I'd give the Model 3 the edge in terms of how much better it is for the price than I expected.

carlk | 17. tammikuu 2018

Yes the photoshop sharpening is overdone it cut my eyes. The article is another assurance of this is a great, if not greatest, sedan we can buy. From what I gather from this and other reviews the car has sharp handling but at the same time sacrifices little of ride comfort. Look out BMW and Porsche. Yes I do mean Porsche.