Car washes and valets

Car washes and valets

I held out as long as I could before taking Model 3 to a valet or a car wash, but I’ve done both now.

Valet: When I dropped it off, I went through how to open the doors from both inside and out, how to unlock the car with the key card, how to start the car, etc. Then, when I retrieved the car, we waited a looooong time. After a while I checked the car’s location with the app and walked over to find it. Sure enough, it’s a different valet, already in the car and pushing every button on the touch screen, trying to get it to start. He must have missed the screen that tells him to put the key on the center console. I took over, and noticed the warning not to use the emergency door release. Grrr.

Car wash: I go for the outside hand wash. I put the screen in clean mode, but then the attendant drives the car to the spot where they wash it - and shifting into drive cancels the clean mode. (I guess with just one screen, there’s no alternative.) I wouldn’t mind, except that when they clean the screen, they basically mash every button and leave me with new settings. Maybe clean mode should reappear when the car goes back into Park?

Mttcoco | 18. tammikuu 2018

Those valet gorillas will never drive my Model 3. Do you hear me? Never! LOL

noleaf4me | 18. tammikuu 2018

@Mttcoco - AGREE!!!

andy.connor.e | 18. tammikuu 2018

I dont need a moron screwing around with something they dont understand.

rtanov | 18. tammikuu 2018

I also had to go through a car wash... twice already. Yes, I know we are only supposed to hand wash it but it has been in the teens F here for some time, and I can't stand the looks of it all dirty and salty. The best car wash around here is one where the rear wheel is being pushed by a roller and the left wheels are guided between two rails. The main point is to not put the car in neutral when the attendant tells you to - just leave it in D - the car can still roll being pushed by the roller, and at the end when you get the green light you just press on the pedal and drive away - simple as that. This however, assumes the creep is disabled, otherwise the car would creep forward. Same procedure works with the BMW i3. Oh, and don't forget to turn off the auto wipers (i did), fold the mirrors, and silence the PDCs.

rxlawdude | 18. tammikuu 2018

@Madatgascar, similar experience at the Beverly Hills Lawry's the Prime Rib on Saturday night. I gave the card to the valet and asked (twice!) if they had experience with this new Tesla model. "Sir, we have experience with EVERY car out there."

Fast forward 10 minutes: "The owner of the red Tesla, please report to the parking valet." Three of them standing around the car looking helpless. I gave them the inservice. Fortunately, they parked it right in front, and when we went to pick it up, two of them went over, consulted with each other, and figured it out.

It was kind of funny.

lilbean | 18. tammikuu 2018

Oh yummy! Valet is the only option there.

cornellio | 18. tammikuu 2018

Do you all recommend touchless car washes? I'm always afraid the brushes must be picking up tons of dirt from other cars and messing up the paint. How well does Tesla paint hold up?

ReD eXiLe ms us | 18. tammikuu 2018

Bueller? Bueller? Bueller...?

rxlawdude | 18. tammikuu 2018

@lilbean, they have a DineLA special running right now. Prime rib and a lobster tail, and dessert. Great deal for $49.

lilbean | 18. tammikuu 2018

Awesome! Thank you. We are so there!

chris | 18. tammikuu 2018

@cornellio This is what I found in the owner’s manual: “If washing in an automatic car wash, use Touchless car washes only. These car washes have no parts (brushes, etc.) that touch the surfaces of Model 3. Using any other type of car wash could cause damage that is not covered by the warranty.”

So... your concerns are not unfounded.

Haggy | 18. tammikuu 2018

I use a touchless car wash. It's in Palo Alto so it's not surprising that it's hard not to see another Tesla there at the same time. They know exactly what to do with Teslas.

Tesla is off the mark with the screen that shows where to put the card. I know where it goes, it's in the manual, and somebody showed me when I picked it up, but the screen gives a message that simply says to tap the card, with no more detail. It shows what looks like a bull's eye. There is a picture in the background of the console area, but it's easy for people to miss the significance of the background and concentrate on the message. Reading that might make somebody think to tap the card on the screen in the spot that says to tap the card, and that shows a picture of the card on the bull's eye.

My wife saw the screen and didn't get it. So she came to get me. By that time, her purse and phone were locked in the car. Tesla really needs to fix issues with the app, because when I got there, I had to reboot my phone, after which I rebooted hers to get things working for her.