Hang Out Thread

Hang Out Thread

This is the official BS hang out thread :) There are times you just want to talk, or say what is up, or just connect with other X owners on a level other than just the X. We used to do this on Silvers Referral thread, but that got flagged away, and I miss my space to BS with others and have some fun.

So come and enjoy and share your fun times with us all.

If there are several that think this is wasting space, please speak up and we can discuss removing it too. I don't want to create a problem with others that feel it should not be here, but as there are not 20 new posts each day on this X side (at least not yet) I didn't see the harm of having a hang out post.

Again, please if you think this should disappear, I will delete it. I just miss having places to not detract from others posts but yet connect with other owners and have fun :)

Triggerplz | 30. syyskuu 2018

@Silver, Denver Broncos gonna spank that ass

Silver2K | 01. lokakuu 2018

jets always win when I go to the games :)

Triggerplz | 01. lokakuu 2018

That would be nice if they won, my team lost on Sunday and of course Burdogg team lose every week
Enjoy and that's no brown nosing :-)

Silver2K | 01. lokakuu 2018

This guy may be lost in Syracuse!!AihnWpuO55swiLMypZGdpJYwi6q6hQ

bob | 01. lokakuu 2018

He's a day late! Missed the end of Q3.

Silver2K | 02. lokakuu 2018

shhhh you didn't see this on oct 1st...

Tropopause | 02. lokakuu 2018

Your bro is in China?

Vawlkus | 02. lokakuu 2018

I’m feeling a flagging spree coming on....... }B(

Silver2K | 02. lokakuu 2018

He taught English, Philosophy and American current events in Shanghai for a few years until a new chancellor (?) took over those schools and told my brother not to teach American current even any longer. My brother didn't agree and now he's teaching in Beijing where the chancellor is more open to American culture.

Tropopause | 02. lokakuu 2018

I remember now. Very cool! Does he drive EV car or scooter?

Today I rode in a JAC hybrid car- 200 km on EV, then 100 km on gas. Charges in 1.2 hours at home.

Why can’t the Volt do something like this? BTW-this car was TINY! I liked it, but for the gas aspect.

Silver2K | 03. lokakuu 2018

Charge 124 miles in 1.2 hrs??

200 amp charger at home?

Silver2K | 03. lokakuu 2018

my bro walks to school. not sure how he gets around town though.

Tropopause | 03. lokakuu 2018

Not sure about those charging stats either. Was a private driver similar to Uber. She said JAC offers a home “supercharging” option for a price. However, her 1.2 hour quote was actually 1.5 (typo) but she might have been referring to typical charge time; not from zero. Anyway, she said one charge last her all day in city driving so not using gasoline. She also said EV’s in Hubei Province get a special license plate which allows unrestricted city driving. Gas cars have restrictions such as even-odd day city driving.

Tropopause | 03. lokakuu 2018

Does your bro like donkey meat purée? I just had some from Beijing. I guess it’s a “thing” there.

Silver2K | 03. lokakuu 2018

Doubt my bro would eat that, he's very sensitive to many things!
His wife tells me she thinks he was switched at birth with a king's child. :)

Silver2K | 03. lokakuu 2018

Very nice!

"Gas cars have restrictions such as even-odd day city driving."

Triggerplz | 03. lokakuu 2018

Donkey meat Aww Hell Naw

Tropopause | 03. lokakuu 2018

Trig- don’t be a jackass!

(Actually I agree with you but couldn’t resist the pun.)

Triggerplz | 03. lokakuu 2018


Silver2K | 05. lokakuu 2018
Saxman | 05. lokakuu 2018

On a serious note... is it possible to SORT our Favorites on the Navigation Center Screen. I've looked in Manual and couldnt find any reference to this. I've added many Favorites in the last 2 years and needed to scroll thru the list before finding the one Im looking for.

Any suggestions?

lilbean | 05. lokakuu 2018

No. Only the most recent ones are at the top. Maybe deleting the old ones and adding them back in is the only solution right now.

Saxman | 05. lokakuu 2018

Thanks Lilbean.

Strange that sorting, even just alphabetical not an option.

Silver2K | 05. lokakuu 2018

Tropopause | October 3, 2018
Trig- don’t be a jackass!

(Actually I agree with you but couldn’t resist the pun.)

Don't be a jack-ass in China at the very least

burdogg | 05. lokakuu 2018

Saxman! Good to see you are still around.

Saxman | 05. lokakuu 2018

Thanks Burdogg. Its good to STILL be around. Im in Austin till mid December.

Hope all is well with you and youre still enjoying your Model 3.

burdogg | 05. lokakuu 2018

Thanks! I was enjoying my 3...until my son started school again, and I dropped back into the S and he is in the 3 right now...

Triggerplz | 07. lokakuu 2018

@Silver a little fun after the Mcgregor fight last night

Triggerplz | 07. lokakuu 2018

Damn the whole ending didn’t show up :-(

Silver2K | 07. lokakuu 2018

Jets win!!

I watched the yankees. Didn't know McGregor caught. Glad he lost!

Triggerplz | 07. lokakuu 2018

Congrats on the Jets win, even Burdogg’s Arizona Cardinals won today, my team lost again


burdogg | 08. lokakuu 2018

woo hoo - they :)

bob | 08. lokakuu 2018

and the '9ers drop yet another :(

bob | 10. lokakuu 2018

is it just me or has the X forum been taken over by all the new owners complaining?

Mostly I'm here to bump the thread:

Triggerplz | 10. lokakuu 2018

@bob that bump link LMAOOOO

burdogg | 10. lokakuu 2018

Yep - still isn't as bad as the 3 forum :)

bob | 10. lokakuu 2018

@ burdogg true.

@ Trig - thx for letting me barrow Homer.

Silver2K | 11. lokakuu 2018


bob | 11. lokakuu 2018

@ Sliver - guilty, but just as important was avoiding my own urge to hit Trig's clickbait :P

Triggerplz | 11. lokakuu 2018

Don’t make me open up a can :-)

Silver2K | 11. lokakuu 2018

Hah! :)

Triggerplz | 14. lokakuu 2018

Silver Thats 2 in a row

Silver2K | 14. lokakuu 2018


jjgunn | 15. lokakuu 2018

Brushed steel - without question

ckcland2 | 15. lokakuu 2018

Satin Dark Grey for me....

bob | 15. lokakuu 2018

@ Silver - Satin dark gray. Wonder if they have a kit for a MX? I think the satin gray looks way better than the flat black that is pretty popular.

lilbean | 15. lokakuu 2018

Satin Gray. I’ve seen it in person. It looks grayt!

Silver2K | 15. lokakuu 2018

Brushed metal looks sick (that's the rocker in us), but grey wins out for me also. I wish it was a little more silver.

I'm working on a buddy to do it for me instead of me doing it. I'm just too busy for that project

bob | 16. lokakuu 2018

@Silver - I know some of these wraps vary based on the original color of the car. I guess there is some translucency of the material. So you could paint the car white first --- that way the gray might be a lighter tone :P