Hang Out Thread

Hang Out Thread

This is the official BS hang out thread :) There are times you just want to talk, or say what is up, or just connect with other X owners on a level other than just the X. We used to do this on Silvers Referral thread, but that got flagged away, and I miss my space to BS with others and have some fun.

So come and enjoy and share your fun times with us all.

If there are several that think this is wasting space, please speak up and we can discuss removing it too. I don't want to create a problem with others that feel it should not be here, but as there are not 20 new posts each day on this X side (at least not yet) I didn't see the harm of having a hang out post.

Again, please if you think this should disappear, I will delete it. I just miss having places to not detract from others posts but yet connect with other owners and have fun :)

lilbean | 26. huhtikuu 2018

You were right, T! Cosby guilty.

Triggerplz | 26. huhtikuu 2018

Yea I've been watching CNN I hate to see Cosby go to jail but I do believe those women and he deserves to finally be held accountable

Triggerplz | 26. huhtikuu 2018

Hey Silver your Jets will get their QB tonight but it won't be Baker Mayfield knowing the Jets they will pick a QB that throws like a Jayne Mansfield :-)

Silver2K | 27. huhtikuu 2018

They picked a crap ass qb! God forbid they get Rosen...

ckcland2 | 27. huhtikuu 2018

Silver - eagles have room on the bandwagon for one more.... ALL ABOARD !!!

Triggerplz | 27. huhtikuu 2018

E -A -G -L -E- S, EAGLES, We don't want any bandwagon jumpers just life long true Eagles fans who has been there thru the hard times, and believe me we had some hard times :-)

burdogg | 27. huhtikuu 2018

Triggerplz - no where near as hard times as us Cardinals fans :))))

Triggerplz | 27. huhtikuu 2018

In 2009 they had a chance but lost to the Steelers in the Super Bowl , stick with your team hopefully one day they will be Champs,

Silver2K | 27. huhtikuu 2018

I'm bleed Jets green!/ It seems I do that alot!!

Triggerplz | 27. huhtikuu 2018

Yea Silver stick with your jets there's a second coming of Joe Namath on his way :-)... We got to Keep that Super Bowl trophy on the East Coast

Triggerplz | 30. huhtikuu 2018

burdogg | April 29, 2018
zanegler - don't have much time - but yes, it was bound to happen, we can't always agree :)

After you said you don't have much time you wrote 2 novals, WTH, I sure don't want to see your writing when you "do have much time" :-)

Vawlkus | 30. huhtikuu 2018

Looks like ol’ Whompy has a new account to post BS with.

Triggerplz | 30. huhtikuu 2018

I already used 4 flags on his latest BS

Vawlkus | 30. huhtikuu 2018

5 and counting here.

burdogg | 30. huhtikuu 2018

@Triggerplz - I know - I was not going to say much as I needed to get to bed, so started with that, but once I started typing, I had to get it all out, so should have gone back and just deleted it...I knew someone would say something about the statement contradicted the comment :)

I must have missed Whompy - what username this time? jopp2 or something like that was the last one I found.

lilbean | 30. huhtikuu 2018


Triggerplz | 30. huhtikuu 2018

Yea Burdogg you are like the energizer bunny once you get started typing :-) Have you ever typed one of your novels and discovered you was signed out and then had to rewrite everything?

burdogg | 30. huhtikuu 2018

@Triggerplz - unfortunately...yes :( Those hurt too because it is hard to remember all the very important things you put in there :)

Tropopause | 30. huhtikuu 2018

Whompy called me a bad name.

Vawlkus | 01. toukokuu 2018

Aww, he hasn’t called me any names.

Triggerplz | 01. toukokuu 2018

Time to get the argument thread back on top to get you called some names :-)

Triggerplz | 02. toukokuu 2018

Lillian Bean how you doing today :-)

lilbean | 02. toukokuu 2018

Hi. Who’s Lillian? :)

lilbean | 02. toukokuu 2018

Ah, I get it! Haha!

Triggerplz | 02. toukokuu 2018


j.caldwell2112 | 02. toukokuu 2018

Been waiting to post on here until I took delivery of my X. Well a few days ago I finally took delivery of a X100D. My name is John from West Texas. Anyone here in the San Angelo area? Would love to meet up with other X owners. I frequent Austin a lot as well for work so if anyone in the Austin area may want to meet up for some lunch and talk about these amazing vehicles let me know!

Triggerplz | 02. toukokuu 2018

Congrats J.caldwell Welcome to the Tesla family, sounds good but I'm in the East Coast, Enjoy your MX!!!

Triggerplz | 02. toukokuu 2018

@J.caldwell By the way please don't ask Burdogg the OP a question unless you got 10 minutes to read his long ass answers :-)

bob | 02. toukokuu 2018

@ j.caldwell2112. I’m in CA but lunch in San Antonio sounds great!

nwfan | 03. toukokuu 2018

@ j.caldwell2112, I'm in ft worth. But don't have an X. Do have 2 Tesla's though.
S100D and 3. If your in the area let's have lunch sometime. We now have 5 superchargers
in the area. We can meet up at one of them and enjoy a meal while our cars charge.

burdogg | 03. toukokuu 2018

Hey wait a second... I can't believe Triggerplz would say such a ....ok I take that back - and that reminds me of... (insert my long novel here - i will spare you of that today, just because don't want to chase newcomers away too fast :)

Congrats j.caldwell2112! Welcome to the family. We can be a crazy bunch but it would be boring otherwise. I live in CO, but meeting up with nwfan would probably be a great experience for you - and a chance to see that elusive Model 3 :)

ckcland2 | 04. toukokuu 2018

Congrats @j.caldwell2112 !!

johnse | 04. toukokuu 2018

I found a trick to recover “lost” postings when it has logged me out. I don’t know if it works in all browsers, but it does in iPad Safari and Edge.

* Write your masterpiece and click “save”, and find it has logged you out.
* immediately click the “log in” button from that page and sign in.
* Right-click or long-press the back button to display the list of previous pages and jump back to the page on which you wrote the masterpiece. You will find the browser still has it in the edit box.
* click “save” again.

It is important not to go back until you are logged in. When looking at the page history, it will look something like this after you have logged in:
* sign in page
* logged out page
* page that prompted masterpiece <— this is where you screamed at the browser for losing your masterpiece
* page that prompted masterpiece <— this is where you will find your masterpiece

Triggerplz | 04. toukokuu 2018

@johnse Please don't show Burdogg how to recover lost post, let his long post novels stay lost :-)

Silver2K | 04. toukokuu 2018

Damn you, johnse!!

burdogg | 04. toukokuu 2018

Oh thank you, now I can complete my library!

Triggerplz | 04. toukokuu 2018

O Boy

TSammy | 04. toukokuu 2018

Since this group does not object to non-groupies posting, I wanted to give an overdue shout out for the excellent positivity promoted by this very well done video posted by Silver2k about a month and a half ago.

I truly enjoyed it and want to acknowledge the attitude since my many, many Model X miles have been just as positive.

burdogg | 04. toukokuu 2018

Thanks for posting TSammy! And you are right, we welcome all here to hang out and have fun.

Silver2K | 04. toukokuu 2018

Glad you enjoyed it @TSammy! It's the best video I've ever posted. :)

johnse | 05. toukokuu 2018

@Triggerplz “@johnse Please don't show Burdogg how to recover lost post, let his long post novels stay lost :-)”
@Silver2K “Damn you, johnse!!” work here is done... :-P

Triggerplz | 05. toukokuu 2018

In the words of Lilbean Ha Ha Ha :-)

Saxman | 05. toukokuu 2018


Congrats and welcome.
I spend part of the year in Austin, TX, depending on the season, and would enjoy meeting you and Tesla Talking at lunch.

They are at the Permit stage for SuperCharging station literally 5 minutes from my Austin house. Lots of good eateries in the neighborhood.

When you are planning to be in Austin, send me an email :

Saxman @

lilbean | 05. toukokuu 2018

He has to be called a brown noser to be truly welcomed. But silver is the one that does that. Haha!

Silver2K | 05. toukokuu 2018

did somebody say.....

Triggerplz | 05. toukokuu 2018

Lilbean you said exactly what I was thinking

Silver2K | 05. toukokuu 2018

My before after paint correction starting point :)!AihnWpuO55swh_oR8ihfW4P-bXYJ3g

Silver2K | 05. toukokuu 2018
lilbean | 05. toukokuu 2018

Wow. That looks amazing. You did such a great job.
Someone please pass me a tissue for my nose. :o)

Silver2K | 05. toukokuu 2018

Are you crying?