How's the Phone Key working for you?

How's the Phone Key working for you?

It'd be interesting to find out what phones are working well for Model 3 owners (both as a key and the app), and what phones aren't. I don't have my car yet - but it's almost time to upgrade my phone, and I'd rather choose a "working well" phone if possible.

So, quick post everyone, what phone do you have, how well does it work for you with the Model 3?

Phone: (examples: iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S8)
Rating: 1 = It's perfect, never had an issue, 3 = Mostly works, have to futz with it more than I want, 5 = Never, or almost never, works.


Update: Noon PDT on 4/3/2018
25 reports made, 21 iPhones, 4 Samsungs.
Number of poor reports: 1 (crobert5)
Average iPhone rating: 1.4 (1.24 if crobert5's report ends up being a car issue rather than BT issue)
Average Samsung rating: 1.25

sangeroo | 29. elokuu 2018

How about now? My app isn't working at all...

sbutler | 29. elokuu 2018

1200 miles; iphone 7Plus --- Phone key has worked 100% of the time. So far so good!!

Summon success rate --- about 50%-60%

Quinten | 10. lokakuu 2018

It is very sucky for me with my crappy Moto G4 Plus. It would not work well with the Bluetooth. Even when connected it will still not allow me inside my Model 3. I can't wait till the Model 3 Key Fob are offered. I am guess it will be for $300 for a pair?

edward.iskra | 10. lokakuu 2018

Google Pixel 2 XL, works fine.

Every rare now and then the door doesn't unlock immediately; I hit the button on my phone to wake it and the car unlocks.

Thrillion | 10. lokakuu 2018

I believe I have a faulty antenna but I'm a 5, Almost never works.
Got the service scheduled. We will see after they open it up.

socaldave | 10. lokakuu 2018

I've been driving my M3 since Aug 25. For two days last week, I had to unlock my phone in order to open the car. Just as quickly as the hiccup happened, it disappeared - has been 100% ever since. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

OrangeinCO | 10. lokakuu 2018

Samsung Galaxy S9 - no issues unlocking, the persistent notification helps.

I have had slow response to Summon, but I think that's more about my phone switching from wifi to LTE, restart the phone and summon connects

Doggiehowser | 10. lokakuu 2018

works 100% of the time

natmaster | 10. lokakuu 2018

Phone: Pixel 2
Rating: 1

SalisburySam | 10. lokakuu 2018

Model 3 with 36.2 firmware, 3100 miles.

iPhone6, iOS 12. Works to open car and drive. Before 36.2 it worked for Summon too. After 36.2, Summon has not worked even once.

iPsone SE, iOS 12. Works identically to iPhone6 above.

Effopec | 31. lokakuu 2018

I've had my 3 for one week now. On three occasions I have had to turn blutooth off/on to get it to work. On several occasions I have also not been able to access the car through the app, it would just spin and say "waking up". When it does communicate, the time for it to open and connect is a bit too long - usually 10 seconds or more. Overall I'd give the phone key concept a C+ at this time. I'm using a iPhone 6.

m3m3m3 | 31. lokakuu 2018

phone key generally works good, but any idea why sometimes I still have to put the card up to the b pillar?

dmaini | 31. lokakuu 2018

Yes.. 1 month and it works perfectly.. I don't need a FOB. I have a year old iPhone X. I keep it clean and don't load it up with apps I don't use much.

cabbower | 31. lokakuu 2018

iPhone 8 works well. The only issue is when bluetooth is off on my phone, I can get in the car but will ask for the key card if bluetooth is off. Since I got my M3 my phone download times are much slower with bluetooth enabled so I often turn it off when not driving or needing it for something else.

jithesh | 31. lokakuu 2018

Update from me.. iPhone 6 user. I had the hit and miss issue initially but one time I removed the phone from my car, re-installed Tesla app and paired it again. After that it has worked 100%. Also I started keeping my bluetooth on always and do not kill the Tesla app. Not sure what fixed it though.
I do occasionally restart the iPhone but phone key still works after that. No issues with any Tesla or iOS updates as well.

dmastro | 31. lokakuu 2018

I'm not a big fan of the phone key. My iPhoneX almost always needs to be awake and unlocked for my car to unlock. Auto-locking upon walking away has worked consistently.

ODWms | 31. lokakuu 2018

My iPhone X works flawlessly. Never once an issue.

howard | 31. lokakuu 2018

iPhone XS Max iOS 12.1
It is very erratic. Need to often use the card key.
Weaker point of the car.