Extending mileage without charging

Extending mileage without charging

This idea goes out to Elon Musk. I have been consumed with the idea of extending the operational mileage WITHOUT CHARGING for electric vehicles. Some trips require in excess of 700 miles in one day. I feel that electric vehicles threaten the existence of gas stations and the convenience store markets (which have only expanded in recent decades).

My idea is a simple one - have replaceable power cells which can instantly and conveniently be removed and installed for a small exchange and recharge rate at gas stations and convenience stores. This idea would accomplish several things.

1) Provide stability for the existing convenience store and gas stations in the emerging electric car market. Bringing onboard a huge investing group of store owners into the electric car and transportation industry. Insuring a future for this existing market share and the accompanying jobs market.

2) Create a new division for Solar City in gearing up this new idea. Creating a removable battery system which can safely and efficiently provide a way to extend mileage for current vehicles (besides Tesla brands) WITHOUT charging time.

3) This would create a huge amount of jobs and industry for distribution and refurbishing. This would mean the existing government officials that monitor gas pump accuracy could be given jobs monitoring battery dates, power, and safety in the area of the removable battery industry.

4) This idea would fuel new Patents™ and trademarks for the Tesla Corporation and Solar City further solidifying their current market share and expanding their market portfolio into new expanding industries.

5) By creating an industry standard in this new market area - other car manufactures would be allowed to jump onboard and use these newly created patents and power cells. To use this newly created battery system for their own vehicle designs in the electric car industry (i.e. Chevy, Ford, Toyota, and so on) further expanding Tesla's and Solar City's position in this new market of the electric car industry. Creating an interchangeable battery for electric cars (all current vehicles need gasoline NOW ALL electric cars would need Tesla!). I have other ideas in the area of space travel and am very innovative would love to sit down and chat about my many ideas.

acegreat1 | 06. huhtikuu 2018

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