"Fuel" door measurement

"Fuel" door measurement

Would someone please measure the distance from the back of the bumper forward to the juiceport of the car? I'm trying to measure where to mount the HPWC. If Tesla offered a 10' connection, there wouldn't be a problem, but for the sake of neatness of the installation, I'm going with the 8', and I don't want to have to stretch the cable.
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Unbeliever | 17. huhtikuu 2018

The 24' cable version of the HPWC is the same price. If you're worried about length, just get the extra length cable.

disapr | 17. huhtikuu 2018

"for the sake of neatness of the installation"

vmulla | 17. huhtikuu 2018

18 inches. Give or take an inch.

Unbeliever | 17. huhtikuu 2018

A cord can be neatly coiled. They even make decorative hose hangars that can be used for that purpose.

A car is a practical device. You're going to be plugging and unplugging daily. There's no problems with making things look good, but one can go too far and make life harder.

disapr | 17. huhtikuu 2018

But for some of us. The possibility of shortening the cable to the optimal length isn't completely off of the table.

TranzNDance | 17. huhtikuu 2018

You can loop the cable around the HPWC. I agree it looks less neat, but if you ever needed to park and charge a car outside of the garage, the extra length would be greatly appreciated.

djharrington | 17. huhtikuu 2018

Splitting hairs, but the shortest possible cable will be the most efficient charging setup (but, please, nobody freak out about the differences in efficiency) ;-)

spockagain34 | 17. huhtikuu 2018

@djharrington, I have the 24 foot cable and am getting the full 48 amps and 240 volts out of it, so while technically speaking the shorter the cable the more efficient it is, in a real world scenario I don't think anyone is ever going to see much of a difference between the 8 and 24 foot cables. Of course, the wiring leading into the Wall Connector could have an impact on that depending on individual set ups I suppose. ;)