Powerwall 2 referral prize

Powerwall 2 referral prize

I got a Powerwall 2 referral prize :-). But Tesla hasn't contacted me and my emails to ask about status to the referral email address have gone unanswered.

1) Anyone have another way to get in touch with Tesla referral team?
2) Anyone else gotten their Powerwall 2 referral prize?



patrick40363 | 27. huhtikuu 2018

I don't think they have awarded the. I have been waiting since last summer. Some people have been able to use the award amount as a credit but others not. I just received an mail that there are no credits for the powerwall. I would be happy if they just installed mine. They do a terrible job with the referral program. Still waiting for a solar token if they even exist.

Kesla_S | 28. huhtikuu 2018

It said it started to ship in March f this year. My question is do you have to pay to get it installed or is it part of the reward?

tflax | 11. helmikuu 2019

I'm still awaiting mine as well. I did receive an email to congradulate me of winning a owerwall thru the referral program but nothing since that original email on 2/11/16.

Now that the referral program is coming to an end, I wonder when we are going to be getting them?

Bigtanuki | 12. helmikuu 2019

The last communication I received indicated that they were backlogged (duh) from all the demand worldwide and that that would be getting to the referral prizes in the second half of 2019. We'll see.....

patrick40363 | 12. helmikuu 2019

Heard from them this week. I was owed one powerwall from 2017 and one from 2018. They emailed me about moving forward with first one. I mentioned there should be 2. They found it so I have submitted the paperwork. I have no idea when they will be coming. I live in northern CA.