“Factory Gated” - Post COVID production restart

“Factory Gated” - Post COVID production restart

Background: My 2016 MS90D was totaled in late March after someone in the middle lane of the freeway tried to drive thru me in the left lane, to get to a left exit ramp they had already missed. I was fine, but the right front of the car was pretty damaged. Initially the body shop thought it was repairable and estimated the cost to be about $25K. I was worried it would never be the same, plus it would have diminished value. Then they called back and said the battery pan had a slight ding, which meant it had to be replaced because they could not touch it! This doubled the repair cost and led to the car being totaled. I was actually relieved. As soon as the insurance company gave me a settlement number, I ordered a new MS LR+. I had heard nothing from Tesla, after I ordered on line, even after I sent a request for a call thru the website.

Current: Today I noticed a new MS matching exactly what I had ordered, in existing inventory, in a nearby city. I hit the button that said pls contact me and 30 mins later I get a text. It says sorry we did not respond to your earlier inquiry, your advisor was furloughed. They also said “I see you have a new MS on order and I am pleased to tell you that your car just Factory Gated”! I said what does that mean and they said, that it had just finished production and is ready for transport. Then 30 minutes later I get a text from the delivery center saying the car will be ready for pickup on 22 May.

Sorry for the long story just to say, I think I am getting one of the early cars off the post COVID production line! Even though this will be my 3rd MS, I am excited to be picking it up. I am spoiled and have not enjoyed driving an ICE car for the past two months!

Daisy the Road ... | May 16, 2020

Sweet! | May 18, 2020

Nice - Come on back and tell us how you like it vs. your prior S. Even though it looks similar, there have been a lot of nice changes "under the hood" including MCU2 and HW3.0.

akikiki | May 18, 2020

Good story. Was refreshing to hear good news in light of all the stuff going on.

trixiew | May 18, 2020

So sorry about your accident, glad you are OK. Enjoy the new wheels!!!

Uncle Paul | May 18, 2020

You are going to love the new adaptive suspension ride and the way the Raven seem to glide effortlessly down the road.

captjoeusn | May 19, 2020

Appreciate all the positive comments - can’t wait to pick it up and drive it home. Three more days!

sentabo | May 19, 2020

Good for you! We have a 2015 S, which I love. Last year we decided to go all electric, so we ditched my wife's Highlander and bought a 2019 Raven (which I'm driving now because my wife doesn't care - lucky me). Before we got it I didn't think the ride could possibly be any smoother than what we had. I was wrong. You will love it.

captjoeusn | May 20, 2020

Glad to hear @sentabo!

Anthony J. Parisio | May 21, 2020

Congrats, enjoy and all the best. What color and package did you choose?

inconel | May 22, 2020

I could swear some of the posters here are paid by Tesla to tempt us into upgrading! ;-)