“Routing with no traffic data”

“Routing with no traffic data”

Anyone else have this problem? Every time I route to a destination with the built in GPS/Navigator I get this every time. I’m on the latest firmware too. Anyone else have this, know the cause, and possibly a fix? I already have a scheduled appointment with the service center.

johnse | April 28, 2018

I received that in my X when I was out of the LTE data coverage.

BonnyB | April 28, 2018

For my case I have LTE coverage everywhere I go and I still get the same message. It’s weird, it shows full bars on the top middle of my screen. On the right side of the screen where the navigation lair shows, that message is in top of the list.

Daryl | April 29, 2018

Did you have "Online Routing" turned on?

BonnyB | April 30, 2018

Daryl- I don’t recall seeing this in the settings. Where and how do I turn it on? I don’t ever recall turning or changing any settings.

KP in NPT | April 30, 2018

Settings - apps - navigation.

That’s how it is on our S.

Daryl | April 30, 2018

Press the gear in the lower left corner of the map.

BonnyB | May 1, 2018

Daryl - Thank you very much! This fixed the problem. Someone probably messed with the setting. Now my GPS/Navigation is not so jerky and accurate. The message also disappeared.

macdonald.brian454 | August 25, 2018

Went to settings-apps-navigation and turned the feature on. Thanks Daryl!

fengcen115 | February 6, 2019

i just got same issue car is 2weeks,newnew

Tuning In | February 6, 2019

We were just talking about that at home tonight. Both of our Model 3’s have had this recurring issue as of late. Several times in the last week. It was rare up until now and we’ve had our cars since last April. | April 19, 2019

I rebooted each time (holding down the two wheel buttons), sometimes can get LTE connection back, but often not. This only started to happen after recent software upgrade.