九月北京電動車賽車。 (What? 2014 Bejing Electric Grand Prix)

九月北京電動車賽車。 (What? 2014 Bejing Electric Grand Prix)

特斯拉是一個好的開始,現在我們需要這輛車的萊拉尼蒙特。 (Model S is nice but can Tesla build this one just for Leilani Münter?)

Kleist | January 7, 2014

Car design is not part of the Formula E competition yet... that will come later. Also aerodynamics is the key in formula racing, not engine etc - not sure if that would be a good fit for Tesla

Tâm | April 11, 2014

In case you don't want to pay big bucks for the event in Bejing, you can get free admissions at pre-season testing events for all those 200kw ( 270bhp). 0-62mph in 3 seconds, starting this coming 07/03/2014 in UK.

Miggy | April 11, 2014

Hope they use a Tesla as a pace / safety car.

Cindy I II III | April 12, 2014

@Kleist, F1 engine is important as shown by this season's dominance by teams with Mercedes engines.

@Miggy, totally hope that Tesla will be the safety car. Oh my. The only thing is that Tesla is production constrained, Elon might not want to spend the money, unless someone can convince him that it is vital for Tesla to be involved to make the best first impression for this critical milestone in the transformation of transportation. Can you imagine the impression people will get if one of those Renault smart cars lead the way? The whole thing will look like a joke.

Brian H | April 13, 2014

I think the SmartCars are MB. Renault makes some other weird little cart upgrade.