0-60 standard 85 kWh

0-60 standard 85 kWh

Dose anyone know what the time for 0-60 is for 85 kWh standard model s i know tesla says 5,9 sec, but the performance has ben corrected to 3,9 so is the standard faster then 5,9

JAD | April 15, 2014

OK, seems hard to believe, but I have looked everywhere for a decent 0-60 time for the standard 85 beside the single data point of the old MotorTrend data. With all the talk, there must be a lot of real world 0-60 times info available now? Anyone?

J.T. | April 15, 2014

My car did the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs. She's fast enough for you, old man.:-)

JAD | April 15, 2014

Definitely faster than a street car or 5 passenger sedan needs to be, just curious as I must know everything about the car for the myriad of questions from others.

George with SacEV | April 15, 2014

Consumer Reports recorded 5.5-5.6 with their Model S 85 standard.

info | April 16, 2014

You can go from 0 to a ticket in under 5.6 seconds.

JAD | April 16, 2014

Really, almost 300 posts arguing Republican vs Democrat and no one really knows the 0-60 time of the standard 85 or 60 on the Model S forum???

What conditions help? How much slower are the 21"s? Do the batteries quickly get hot and reduce output after 1-2 runs? Why the variation from test to test on all versions. I am just curious and there seems to be some discussion with the P85, but VERY little on the other models.

AmpedRealtor | April 16, 2014


No, Tesla has not changed the 0-60 time of the 85 or the P85. Visit Tesla's order page and you will see Tesla's official specs:

S60: 5.9s
S85: 5.4s
P85: 4.2s

Your question is based on false premise that the P85 is 3.9s. It's not. Someone might get 3.9s out of their P85, but that's not Tesla's official position.

SD Supercharger | April 16, 2014

The 2014 Corvette claims 0-60 in 3.8--watch the P85 against the 2014 Corvette on You-Tube. The P85 Motor Trend time which was actually reported in the magazine to be 3.9, was from a 1 mph start. I am sure the P85 MS can go sub 4 with a rolling start. Don't forget, the ICE car 0-60 times are based on track performance with professional drivers. Given the response times of normal people, shifting incompetency and other factors, the P85 MS should do much better than advertised on the street. The ICE cars that will beat the P85 0-60 all start at about double the price and go up from there, i.e., Porsche 911 turbo, Ferrari F430, Lambo Aventador, Bugati Veyron--and none of these have room for 5 adults.

Bighorn | April 16, 2014

I've accepted 5.1s based on what I've read.

CalDreamin | April 16, 2014

Tesla says the Model S 85 (not the P85) has a 5.4 sec 0-60 mph time.
Motortrend clocked it at 5.0 seconds

Webcrawler | April 16, 2014

The S85 is still traction limited so there are variables in surface and tire conditions that will affect acceleration times to 60mph...

I suspect you will see times in the 5.0 - 6.0 range. At a track with good tires and good surface prep you might see 4.9....

JAD | April 16, 2014

It is just interesting, some companies like Porsche are very conservative with their numbers, other are rather optimistic. Not sure which Tesla is as the with only two data points, one .4 faster and one .4 slower is not much to go on. Guess I will play with my car when I pick it up tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LMB | April 16, 2014

(LMB spouse)

Back in 2012, I thought Tesla listed the S85 (not P85) 0-60 time as 5.6. Does anyone else remember this? It's been 5.4 for quite a while now.

Also, I believe the option choices can add more than a hundred pounds to the car's weight. This can cost a tenth or so.

Brian H | April 16, 2014

A parsec is a distance unit, and 12 parsecs is about 200 trillion miles, or about 39 light years.

J.T. | April 16, 2014

"It's the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs."
―Han Solo, referring to the Millennium Falcon[src]

Rocky_H | April 21, 2014

Yeah, that's been a Star Wars fan controversy for a long time. Probably the writer didn't know, but then it makes Han Solo, a professional starship pilot look like an idiot. So the other tactict is people have tried to come up with rationalizations for why he would have actually meant it that way: e.g. he used such advanced/risky navigation techniques (or the Falcon was so good) that he could do a shorter-path run than most people do.

JonathanL | April 21, 2014


I recall the P85 0-60 originally listed as 4.4 and reduced to 4.2 late last summer. Maybe they did an across the board reduction of .2 seconds.

pilotSteve | April 21, 2014

"Making the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs".... Han Solo did it by using the v60000.0 nav software with new wormhole avoidance to minimize the distance traveled.

Just a few more revs and we'll catch up, maybe do it in 11.9 with our next Tesla! :-)

bayoufilter.tx | April 21, 2014

Han also shot first.

Brian H | April 22, 2014

But Who was on first!

TFMethane | April 22, 2014

@JAD Regarding the tendency for companies to fudge the numbers a little in their favor or in the other direction:

It seems that Tesla tends to publish numbers that are slightly more favorable than reality (e.g. pricing data and range data). I don't think this is intentionally deceptive, but they've been forced to revise their numbers by US and European regulators, so it is clear that they have actually done some minor misrepresentation.

I think the reason is that Elon has created such an optimistic and energetic corporate culture that people tend to want to believe and push in a positive direction.

A little off topic, but:
You can see this with SpaceX, as well... Elon has stated that they are going to build a rocket that can turn around and be reused in a few hours. This is silly. Look at the minor launch delays in the last launch. If you miss your launch window, you have to wait several days or weeks for another attempt. Technically you could reuse a rocket motor in 6 hours, but you would never do this, because you would want to check out all the systems for days in advance to make sure you hit your launch window.

So, pie-in-the sky is par for the course for Elon. I don't think it's dishonest... You just need a man to think that way in order to bring in the future.