1 April 2018 press release

1 April 2018 press release

It was announced today that one Short Range $35,000* Model 3 was delivered yesterday to an individual in the Bay Area. 5 on your side investigated and determined that it was sold to an individual that is involved in astroturfing and is paid in virtual money like bitcoin. Therefore this individual will not be able to take advantage of the $7,500 tax credit.

*Price does not include delivery fee

rdavis | April 1, 2018

April fools...

johnmann | April 1, 2018

I heard that they had decided to prioritize RWD deliveries.

Tesla2018 | April 1, 2018

The model Y will be an electric/diesel hybrid.
Hence the name "Why?"

damien666 | April 1, 2018

hahaaaa hillarious

jamilworm | April 1, 2018

I just read that starting tomorrow they will have a paint color picker so you can get any CMYK color for your car. This will be $2k extra instead of the $1k for the normal premium colors.