ST70 | October 17, 2018

10-4 good buddy!

Big1matt | October 17, 2018

Engine oil? yuukkk!

Shopaholic | October 17, 2018

Hi all,
There is an old thread about 10-30 Tesla dongle that shows up as out of stock most of the time. I went ahead and placed an order with my local Tesla service center ( can’t do on the web site) and to my surprise received a call a week later that they received the item! Just picked up at the store. FYI for those wanting the item.

rxlawdude | October 17, 2018

=-20 ?

kenj | October 17, 2018

Ordered online got it delivered this week.

Bighorn | October 17, 2018

Good to hear as it’s a great option for those with a dryer plug already. And I’ve used it at a friend’s as well as a VRBO.

GHammer | October 17, 2018

I ordered mine online two weeks ago and got it in 3 days but I'm still waiting for my 6-50

maztec | October 17, 2018

I can't figure out where to put my 10W-30.

SalisburySam | October 18, 2018

It's the viscosity I use in my pressure washer.