10000 miles and not even a small squeak and rattle noise!

10000 miles and not even a small squeak and rattle noise!

I bought a CLA 250 back in 2015 brand new from dealership in Baltimore area. I drove next day to Chicago and then st louis and reached to home in Memphis (I used to live there, now I live in MD). so total of 1800 miles driving and what made me pissed was I started to hearing noises from dashboard and a b c pillars! and it got worse and worse until I reached 44000 when I got rid of the car. It was a very unpleasant experience for me to buying my very first ever luxury car and hearing squeaking and rattling noises from a reputable brand like MB!

My next car was a convertible Camaro 2LT 2016 with 4 cylinder engine. Let's not even talk about that cause it will give me a headache when I think about it!

And now I have my M3 and I just hit 10000 miles on it I'm pretty surprised it does not make any noises not even a bit! the quality is just top notch! unbelievable.

I was wondering that other folks with higher miles ever experienced noise issues or it's gonna be solid all the way like this?

Teslaguy | June 12, 2020

I have had 4 Tesla over 5 years and not a sound from any of them.

amirhnaimi | June 12, 2020

That’s great! Doug demuro should see this and stops giving Tesla 5 out of 10 for quality/reliability.

joeyu629 | June 13, 2020

I had paint issues, panel gaps, and four different rattles on mine...I've got a little over 2000 miles on my 3

F.vanalstine | June 13, 2020

8000 miles in one year with my M3 long range RWD and zero issues, zero service other then one quick trio to service center last fall to have vents added to battery case. No maintenance, no issues, no costs other then for some electrons.

Easily the best car I have ever owned over past 60 years. Second place was my first new car, a 1959 VW. Third place a 2002 Audi S6 Avant I drive for 17 years,

jdcollins5 | June 13, 2020

Almost 2 years and 22,000 miles. No issues or noises whatsoever. Only maintenance is tire rotation and checking cabin air filters.

People talk about paint quality. I have the Silver Metallic and have used only a damp and dry MF towel to clean, and wax every 6 months. It looks and shines like the day I brought it home.

rnbows | June 13, 2020

I'm with jdc5; I too have a 2018 Silver Metallic, mine being a LR RWD with a tad under 13k miles (and I didn't have to go out to the Tesla to check the odometer; did it right here from the comfort of my seat!). Not one single issue. A couple of tire rotations, cabin air filter replacement and I'm good to go. She gets hand washed every week, shines up perfectly and looks as good, or better, than the day I brought her home. Hands down, best car I ever owned.

wrightjason | June 13, 2020

Must be nice. I’ve got a 2019 AWD M3, and it’s rattled everywhere, constantly, since day one. Tesla service couldn’t pinpoint the rattles during the first year, so now I’m out of warranty for that. I’m stuck with all the rattles now :-(

Mike83 | June 13, 2020

Having 3 Teslas(traded in one) and our M3 is over 2 years old agree that Teslas are so quiet you can hear quiet conversations from the back seats. We drive a lot in the mountains having fun with power coming out of curves(our old porsche can't compare). 2000 mile trips using superchargers has been dream vacations. Solid, fast and we never felt so safe in a car before. I have heard non owners bad mouth Teslas which I guess they get from the media or those who work on ICE cars. It's a little late to try that now with billions of miles and so many Teslas around the world.
The fossil fuel industry is losing it fast which give my lungs a break.

bryan.whitton | June 13, 2020

30,000 miles on a 2018 RWD LR and no rattles and perfect paint. I can't talk about it though except to my Tesla owner friends. If I claim what I just said to anyone else they just call me a fanboy and a liar. Even my wife. I can't talk about anything regarding a positive about Tesla, my car or my stock. Just a fanboy response from them all.
Sometimes it is frustrating.

cornellio | June 13, 2020

@ amirhnaimi, I can relate to that. I had Lexus and BMW in the past, both of which had really bad rattles at low mileage.

billstanton | June 13, 2020

18,000 miles, rattles all the time, oh wait, that's the bicycle in my trunk!

ODWms | June 14, 2020

I’m like a few here with a 2018 silver metallic P3+. 20 months, 20,000 miles and very few issues. No rattles, but I do notice when in tight quarters and needing to turn lock to lock the front end groans and kinda squeals. I meant to mention it to the SC next time I’m there but just haven’t had a reason to go.

ODWms | June 14, 2020

^^^ Those noises are embarrassing when I have a passenger; new car and all.

adoh2010 | June 14, 2020

Tesla rattle warranty ends at 12k, rattles started at 15k in my SR+.
Bear in mind that SR+ bumps all the low end bass through the door speakers which causes the trim at the door and b pillar to rattle, the premium interior models might never suffer from that but idk.

The NVH control is phenomenal in the model 3 overall given the lack of ICE NVH and the category it competes in. Even better, ridiculous potential for improvement if you choose to add extra insulation. I really started getting annoyed by the rattles once I soundproofed the car.

If you look at sandy Munro's MY teardown you'll get a lot of cues on what you can do to improve noise, according to Tesla engineers themselves. Insulation at the front fender bays "please be 2 steps ahead of Tesla and don't use that ghetto spray foam crap that he criticized, I used thinsulate 3M and it's awesome", rubber insulation in the headliner, insulating the rear wheel arch "metal cave" behind the trunk liner, and the door insulation trim for sale by many aftermarket stores. Don't buy the wind noise kit that goes around the middle glass, utterly useless and makes water fall into the cabin because it fits in the drain passages.

samanthasamantha | June 15, 2020

Small details like this are what make it truly a wonderful, one of a kind machine. I even found a fun reddit post on how autopilot on a model 3 saved someone from an accident. It's so unbelievable.

LostInTx | June 15, 2020

My RWD LR, bought in July '18 (VIN 30xxx) has occasional rattles and vibrations but no more than previous cars. My car had gaps and panel alignment issues when purchased, as did others who acquired an early VIN Model 3. Tesla resolved most of the issues and even added additional insulation in the door panels. I appreciate their effort but I'm pretty much resigned to the understanding that manufacturing kinks were a thing back then.

I'm sure my next 3 or Y (on the fence) will be far quieter. | June 15, 2020

@sam - I think this post:

Sad to see a 3 destroyed, but amazing the driver wasn't hurt in this headend collision caused by a drunk driver. I bet in most other cars he'd be dead. So glad I own a Tesla.

kyle.vilanova | June 18, 2020

I have a 6/18 LR RWD VIN 35XXX @ 9k miles and unfortunately have had nonstop issues w/ rattles, creaks, and other noises. I have spent so much time hunting these down trying to eradicate them including soundproofing the doors and trunk area.

So far I've fixed:
-front speaker grill rattle
-front dash creaking
-steering wheel column creaking

Yet to be resolved:
-Rear passenger area rattle/buzzy noise
-Both driver/passenger B-Pillar rattle from seat belt adjuster
-Clunky suspension noise over bumps
-passenger side A pillar wind noise

When the car is on super smooth pavement it sounds amazing but it drives me crazy that it makes noises over every bump which is impossible to avoid in Seattle.

Maykinit | June 18, 2020

7000 miles, 1 year old this month. No rattles, no squeaks. Quiet solitude. Solid.

FISHEV | June 18, 2020
pfilipe.sousa | June 26, 2020

Noise coming from front suspension. Two visits to Service Center in Portugal. They cannot solve it. What do you think:!Ata26kuipZ-tifQhulVs56qYcqboBw

Joe M | June 27, 2020

1 year, 9000 miles Occasional fabric buzz A pillar that most people would not even notice. Paint and panel alignment very good. Rear window motor alignment mis drove the window action and ate the trim on day one, and drivers lumbar bag failed. Guy comes to driveway to fix who could ever complain. Someone joked about his bike being the rattle. Never underestimate that the rattle you hear is not coming from where you think and it is actually something you put in the glovebox, door bin, trunk, frunk, etc. It’s a great high quality car. One the other hand anyone who thinks it is quiet has never enjoyed a truly quiet car.

82bert | June 27, 2020

Two Model 3s with over 12k miles on both and could not be happier. Best purchases I’ve ever made.

rehutton777 | June 27, 2020

Fifteen months and 10,000 miles and not a rattle, squeek or any other problem. I have had the car into the SC twice - - once to install new 19" tires I purchased, and second to replace a tire that had a large screw in it. Couldn't be happier with my Tesla!

Frank99 | June 28, 2020

Two years 27,000 miles on my early model three and not a single squeak or rattle. I did pick up a rattle a couple of months ago but when I tracked it down it turned out to be a cable I had installed. Guess I’m not as good as Tesla is

AZTesla | June 28, 2020

My July 2018 manufactured RW/LR with 16K is quiet as a mouse. Going over bumps results in a tire squish noise and nothing more.

hcdavis3 | June 29, 2020

I drive daily on roads that would rattle the teeth out of your head. My previous M3 LR RWD had zero rattles. My current 2020 LR AWD M3 has zero rattles too.

ldf8 | June 29, 2020

close to 30K and our first small rattle lately. It seems to be the plastic cover on the steering column, and when you press it it stops, and it comes and goes. Very slight. But annoys me. No paint issues other than where it has been dinged. No maint issues other than the cracked windshields which were a total hassle, but free to repair. Original tires now need to be replaced.

M3forMe | June 30, 2020

LR RWD Jul'18 with 36k - a little squeak when accelerate from stop from the back. Seems to be louder during the winter. Rotate tire every 10k and original tires still in good shape.

rfpmoxie | June 30, 2020

My LRAWD, April 2019, turned 10K a couple of weeks ago. Sometimes I say to myself "Is it my bad old man hearing/somewhat diminished vision, or have I become mellow (which is not the case)?". With that preamble I have not had a single SC or Ranger visit and with a few minor upgrades such as better footwell/trunk lighting and trunk/frunk open/close improvements the car has been more than I anticipated. Yes, I expected a lot for $53K but I really think that I've received a lot. I performed my 10K maintenance in an hour by rotating tires and checking wipers and I am still smiling, Hopefully, my good fortune negates some of the frankly silly complaints that pepper this forum. Yes, I would like better blind spot technology (and it is improving), however, it beats everything I've owned before and I still am capable of adjusting mirrors and looking over my shoulder, Best wishes to all............Ron