10,000 Miles and Six Months

10,000 Miles and Six Months

Picked up my Black Model 3 with 19” wheels on New Years Eve 2017. I have a lower Vin # 16XX. The car is now six months old and I have 10,000 miles on it. Before this I drove a 2014 Model S which now has 89,000 miles on it and my wife drives (and Loves) it.

I drive one of the busiest freeways in the United States five days a week. It is a 100 mile commute. Some of you may drive more every day, most will drive less. I never have range anxiety as I charge to 90% at night. The car starts charging at midnight and is fully ready to go early in the am.
I have not been to a gas station since late December. If I had an ICE that had a MPG range of 30, I would have bought 334 gallons of gas. At roughly $3.50 for gas, that would have been $1,169 in gas plus 28 trips to the gas station (4-1/2 trips per month). What is the cost saving of those trips to the station?
I am able (with stickers bought from the DMV) travel in the carpool lanes and use the 91 express lanes. That combination saves me at least an hour a day in my overall commute. What is the cost saving of that time?
I would have needed at least one oil change (probably two) if I were driving an ICE car. What is the cost savings in that? I have had the tires rotated once but I would have needed to do that in an ICE car too. While the tires were being rotated, I checked the brakes, they still look brand new.

I was lucky to pick up the car New years Eve as I have been able to already use the $7,500 tax benefit. Also, the California rebate of $2,500 certainly makes a great car even better.
One thing that seems to rarely get mentioned is personal safety for yourselves and others in your car. From Tesla’s past history and from pictures of wrecks so far, it seems that you (and those others) are safer riding in your car than other cars on the road.

The ride is a bit stiffer than the S but I like it, I am reminded that it handles more like a sports sedan than a luxury cruiser. The seats are great, I arrive feeling much more relaxed than in other cars that I have driven.
I feel the overall view out the front is exceptional and that the acceleration is still the “Tesla Grin” that got me to change all those years ago. The radio is awesome, even for an ol guy that had better hearing years ago. Play “All Right Now” by Free with the bass all the way up at volume and feel another heartbeat.
The touchpad becomes second nature quickly. Lane assist is good, not great yet. I use it every day, it helps reduce the tension of stop and go traffic. Advanced Cruise Control is exceptional, it “senses” things a number of times before I do. Lane change assist is a bit odd but I never like to change lanes on a freeway too often anyway.

If you are on the fence or having second thoughts, I hope the above helps reassure you that you are indeed making the right choice. I get asked all the time, model 3 or S? Brand new, it’s a S every time. A new 3 VS. my 2014 S? Tough choice but I would pick the new 3.

lolgas | June 14, 2018

Any issues with your car on or after delivery? These cars are going to last a long time I think...

Kathy Applebaum | June 14, 2018


Coming from an ICE, two months, 5000 miles. Saved 227 gallons of gas @3.50 = $794.50, plus 14 trips to the gas station and one oil change. Only save a minute or two on my commute with the stickers (I go the opposite way from traffic), but I have 1000% more grinning time during my commute. Never going back to ICE.

joemar10 | June 14, 2018

Great "hands on" review. As a current Model X owner, and "configered" Model 3 future owner, you have allayed any possible second thoughts I may have had.

ReD eXiLe ms us | June 14, 2018

"Never going back to ICE."

That needs to be set to music... SOON.

Coastal Cruiser. | June 14, 2018

Once you drive a Tesla
you'll know paradise
you'll never ever go back
to Texas Tea and ICE


Once you experience a Model 3
you'll see life is as simple as 1, 2, 3
you'll truly abhor going back to an ICE
it's really nothing other than a roll of the dice

jakewalz | June 14, 2018

I'm still in the honeymoon phase at 1 week in, but I LOVE this car. Also, autopilot (mostly cruise) makes a big difference in stress during rush hour. Not looking back.

GAGSTESLA | June 14, 2018

I forgot to say I Iove not having extra keys to search for. I have had my phone with me for years. Now it is my car key too. Awesome.

sbeggs | June 14, 2018

Thanks for the good review.

ReD eXiLe ms us | June 14, 2018

Coastal Cruiser: Nice. How about this one...

"Never going back to ICE
Gonna drive my Model 3 forever
Gonna try and make up for the times
I stopped for gas..."

Coastal Cruiser. | June 14, 2018

Not bad. We might even be able to make it rhyme...

"Never going back to ICE
Gonna drive my Model 3 a LOT more than thrice
Gonna stop burning gas... it's really a sin!
In no time at all will be sporting said grin"

I stopped for gas..."

Mike83 | June 14, 2018

Great report. We have no stinkin ICE, besides our garage is so clean and fresh with no gas smells why pollute it? 2 Tesla living together in the garage ready to go anytime. We feel the need to go on a trip once a month now.

Never, nevermore will we buy gas for an ICE since we sold them.

ebmcs03 | June 14, 2018

With 100 mile commute. You should be using the S. Free electricity! Model 3 you have to pay for electricity.

I haven’t figured out how much electricity i use with the model 3. Wondering if I’m saving anything.

ebmcs03 | June 14, 2018

With 100 mile commute. You should be using the S. Free electricity! Model 3 you have to pay for electricity.

I haven’t figured out how much electricity i use with the model 3. Wondering if I’m saving anything.

johnse | June 15, 2018

Why stop and wait to charge to save $3? Plug in every night and never have to wait.

GAGSTESLA | June 15, 2018

+1 johnse. Plus my S does not have AP or enhanced cruise control. That is the main reason I got the 3. The Super Chargers are great on a trip, don't think getting off the freeway to charge for 1/2 hour is worth the "free" electricity.

billlake2000 | June 15, 2018

I have stopped at a gas station. I needed to buy a bag of ice to cool my beer chest in the frunk. P.S. very nice story.

MarylandS85 | June 15, 2018

Lol @billlake2000. Tell us the story!

When I drive by a gas station, I sometimes think about pulling over, opening the charge port, taking the gas dispenser thingy (what’re they called again?—those smelly things with a nozzle that dispenses liquid evil I mean), and just standing there scratching my head and looking confused. Then I remember that gas stations are terrible places from my distant past and grin as I drive by.

gmkellogg | June 15, 2018

Nice review. How much has your electric bill been impacted? I'm sure this varies by month, but any estimates?

billlake2000 | June 15, 2018

Oh, I meant nice story from gagstesla

Kathy Applebaum | June 15, 2018

@gmkellogg Not the OP, but thanks to EV rates and night charging, I pay less than $20 a month for each 1000 miles. When we got our first EV last year our net increase was $5 -- $20 to charge the car, but saved $15 on everything else because of the rate change and shifting things like laundry and dishwashing to the middle of the night.

MarylandS85 | June 15, 2018

Oh, I second that. OP’s story is good stuff, but I was hoping your gas station episode led somewhere entertaining. I imagined the gas attendant’s eyes pop out as you apparently ice your ICE (see what I did there?). Regardless, what a 2018 turn of phrase you used: “bag of ice to cool my beer chest in the frunk.” That would be a totally unintelligible combination of words 7 years ago. It reads more like you suffered some sort of remedy for a bizarre, alcohol-induced thoracic injury.

billlake2000 | June 15, 2018

Maryland, we really are in the future. On further consideration, next time I think I'll try a grocery store for ice. The gas station kinda got my creep on. Just couldn't chill and decided I auto pilot on outta there, in search of alcohol induced reveries.

eandmjep | June 15, 2018

3000 miles after 3 weeks of ownership. ZERO complaints. Unless i count getting back into my older ice car and forget to turn the key, or forget that it lacks regen breaking and almost rear end someone haha. Worst part was looking at gas gauge and realizing it needed gas. Smelly business that is. My wife is now suggesting that we get another one for her to drive while I'm at work. So I'm in saving mode again but we may buy used in a couple years. :) used M3 that is.

Coastal Cruiser. | June 15, 2018

"...we really are in the future."

So on a scale of 1-100, with the Flintstones being at 10 (they had the wheel and rudimentary personal vehicles, but no mass transit), and the Jetson's are at 90 (speedy, non-polluting mass transit, but no Holodeck or Krell technology, either of which negates the desire to ever leave your house), where are we at right now?

GAGSTESLA | June 15, 2018

@CC, some of us are at 70 yet sadly most are still somewhere around 20.

Thanks for all the kind words!

I forgot one more thing (I am sure there is more to come). The glass roof is SO COOL. I sometimes forget about it but that is what makes it cool. It is the roof, yet it's noticed only when I look up. So far, even in some 100 degree heat, it has been no issue as far as making the car too hot.

тесла3 | June 20, 2018

@GAGSTESLA - thanks for this post, really appreciate the info. I have a similar car (German, premium gas) and work commute (80+ miles). Patiently waiting an invite to configure AWD (2 years, 2 months and 19 days since reserving).

finman100 | June 20, 2018

Tesla needs that "fold-up into a briefcase" option and we would be closer to achieving a Jetson future. Loved that as a kid on the intro to the show. Would really be cooler than summon, right?

GAGSTESLA | June 20, 2018

Just took the 3 from Riverside to Las Vegas over the past weekend. It is about 240 miles one way. While I could make it all the way with the original charge, I have never been one that likes to sit in a car seat for too long. So, we stopped at Eddie world (Yermo) on the way up. Strange but good place, if you are male, see how many "goals" you can make:-). You will know what I mean if you stop there. On the way back, stopped at Primm to have breakfast. so many choices to charge now, amazing times.

Now you could stop in Riverside, San Bernardino, Barstow, Yermo, Baker, Primm, and Las Vegas. Wow, who would have thought that a few years ago?

sbeggs | June 20, 2018

Most excellent!

ballingringer | June 20, 2018

I can't wait to get my 3.

gmkellogg | June 20, 2018

@Kathy Applebaum Thanks for the response! Are you in California? I don't think my state has any special EV rates that I've been able to find. Even without the savings 20 bucks is a heck a of a lot cheaper than the 70-80 bucks a month worth of gas I'm spending. Thanks again.

SCCRENDO | June 20, 2018

I have done that same trip twice recently. Both times I fully charged at my office and my trip was 230 miles. It took me just over 3 hours leaving at 4:30 pm, EAP all the way. I got to Vegas with 62 miles left and charged to 90 % while I ate at the the Lazy Dog. I left Vegas with about 260 miles but my trip to my home is 250 miles. So I topped up for 15 mins in Yermo. I had a similar experience the second time except I only charged for 15 mins in Vegas and had dinner at my hotel. I topped up to 90% the next afternoon. I left Vegas that night at 9:30 pm with 268 miles topped up in Yermno for 10 minutes and arrived home before 1 am.

GAGSTESLA | June 21, 2018

If that same expansion rate of super chargers continues across the Country, it really will be the tipping point of EV driving. People found it hard to believe that 3 years ago I drove from So/Cal to Denver and had NO range anxiety at all. Every day, I find new things to like about this change of transportation.

I forgot to mention the nice storage area to charge your phones. No cords, just plug it in, close lid (if you like), charge phone. It's the simple things:-)