100D Very Cool

100D Very Cool

panoramic4 | August 12, 2016

Very cool! wonder if they will offer an upgrade to current owners to upgrade to the 100 battery pack?

jestah | August 12, 2016

300 mile range on a 100D MX

Ok fine delay my 5 seat until the 100D and deliver for my 90D price and we'll call it even

vperl | August 12, 2016

Current, no, unless the 100 kW was hidden and all they need is software upgrade never happen

rossRallen | August 12, 2016

Well, only another 25 miles of range from the 90 kWh battery in a PXXD. 100 is a nice round number, but not so exciting as 120 = 300 mi 100% range in a P MX.

elguapo | August 12, 2016

Not interesting. Needs to be 120+ to add meaningful range for the X.

No way they let people upgrade. Yet. Give it a couple of years, like the Roadster.

inconel | August 12, 2016

100kwh + AP 2.0 = hard to resist :) | August 12, 2016

100 kWh requires bigger cells made in Sparks. 2017, maybe first half would be a guess.

X100D rated range should increase to 280-285 miles. Every little bit helps.

They might offer the new 100 kWh battery pack at no extra cost over the 90 due to GF cost savings and still increase their profit.

AlMc | August 12, 2016

@George: I suspect that the '100' will carry a slight premium over the '90'. They will probably just make the 100 bat going forward, limited to the '90' (similar to 60/75) and allow upgrading to the 100 for a fee.

@Inconel; Agree. The 100 alone may not get *that* many additional orders but the 100/AP 2.0 will.

MyXinTx | August 13, 2016

Is it confirmed that the 100 is actually more battery material, or just improved management of the existing 90?

Agree that going from 90 to 100 is of no real significance, for it still depends on how you drive that dictates the real range.

Nobody gets 250 miles on a single battery under realistic conditions...unless you never use A/C, heat, radio, etc and use AP constantly set a 45 MPH everywhere on flat roads only....

Mf66 | August 13, 2016

Anyone know what 1KW of battery weighs? Lugging around a battery you don't use much has to have implications on range and efficiency. Is a 100KW better than a lighter 90KW that has the same range??

hami05 | August 13, 2016

Well for reference, the upgrade from a 75D to a 90D gets you just a 20 mi range boost. Based on that, I'd say the 90D to 100D boost is about 15-20 miles. I'm guessing the MX 100D gets 275 miles of range and the P100D gets like 265.

TonyInNH | August 13, 2016

I'm not sure that's a valid correlation, the 90D has a higher hp/torque rating. A better comparison would be from the 60 to the 75 which yields +37 miles.

hami05 | August 13, 2016

I thought that the 100D would also have a higher hp rating than the 90 and the battery weight would be a bit more, so I was giving a more conservative estimate. If it does indeed have the same hp and there isn't much of a weight difference, then there very well could be a 20-30 mile range boost. I doubt a 40 mile boost is possible though because this is only a 10 kWh upgrade, while that 60 to 75 is a 15 kWh upgrade.

hami05 | August 13, 2016

Sorry, not @Triggerplz, I meant @TonyInNH. My eyes are playing tricks on me lol

JAnnen | August 13, 2016

The 90 kWh pack is full with no extra space for cells. The 100 kWh cannot have more cells so the weight of a 100 should be the same as a 90 kWh pack.

vperl | August 14, 2016


joer293 | August 14, 2016

Hopefully my new model x gets built with the software upgradeable pack. I'll purchase the upgrade. I'd want the supercharging value(or not having to charge as often). Even software limited to 90, a 100kw battery would add miles faster. Tow wh/mi range improvement would be valuable. Round trip to the parents was at the edge of a model S 85kw pack.. The model x 90 won't make it without a charging stop. Superchargers may be free, but I'd rather not drag out the trip with crying kids in the car.

lilbean | August 14, 2016

I thought my kids would be crying too. It turns out that they have more patience than I do while supercharging.

Triggerplz | August 14, 2016

I got my P90DL in May I'm good with the 90 battery as I don't take many long trips only once since I had it has my range been under 120

vperl | August 15, 2016

The 110 kW battery will be fantastic, shorter charging, longer traveling.

With all the other upgrades, the MX, especially the five seat configuration, all is going to be perfect.

Gotta love the beta testers. Thanks

vperl | August 16, 2016