1099s for SDG&E EV Climate credit - anyone get one?

1099s for SDG&E EV Climate credit - anyone get one?

We purchased his and hers model 3s with delivery last April, and got SDG&E's (San Diego) EV Climate Credit of $500 per car, 1k total, which they mailed to us as a check. Both credits were applied to the same SDG&E account.

Their program documentation says they issue 1099s for total amounts over $600, but we have not received one. Past the deadline for mailing 1099s, isn't it?

Anyone actually receive a 1099 from SDG&E for EV Climate Credit, or know anything more about it?

(Would not apply to a single 2018 credit, which was less than $600.)

RES IPSA | February 27, 2019

Do they actually mail you a check that you can deposit into your bank account (meaning a rebate)? Or is it a credit that they just apply to your SDGE account?

I did not get my M3 until August 2018, so my first chance to apply id this Friday. And according to their website, it says the credit is $50-$200 depending on how many people apply. the last few years at $500 was a much better deal, but I will take what i can get

hpn | February 27, 2019

I have SCE and have claimed two EV...have never received a 1099.
They send out a live check. Was only $450 for each vehicle.

Passion2Fly | February 27, 2019

I never got a check from SDGE. Just a credit on my SDGE account...

joe | February 27, 2019

We have solar, so we didn’t have a big enought bill to apply $1.000 to. If you call SDG&E and ask for the credit in cash, they will send it to you,

RES IPSA | February 27, 2019

@OP... Thanks

JAD | February 27, 2019

I just got two credits to my account, no check, no 1099.

It did get my attention when I saw $800 on my bill before realizing it was a credit, not the amount owed.

michellerowe | July 1, 2019

Yes it’s bigger than ever. $850 per SDG&E!