12 volt battery too low to perform update...

12 volt battery too low to perform update...

Anybody else get a message about the 12v battery being too low when they tried to update to 4.3? Specifically:

"12 volt battery too low to perform update. Contact service"

I shall, obviously, contact service but figured I'd see if anybody else had gotten this (and had already contacted service, and what they were told...)

rbergquist | March 25, 2013

Yes - a week ago. Contacted service & they remotely diagnosed a bad battery & had me come into service center the next day where they replaced the battery under warranty,

olanmills | March 25, 2013

Well, there have been a number of people who have had defective 12v batteries that won't take a charge (Tesla doesn't make this battery, they just buy it from someone else), and it's a pretty simple replacement as I understand it. There could also be something wrong with the 12v battery charging system or whatever monitors the battery, but hopefully it's just the battery itself.

rroonnbb | March 25, 2013

Yeah, they just called back and said the battery didn't seem healthy and to drop car off to get it replaced. Hopefully will be quick&painless :-)