120v charging

120v charging

Just got my MS 85 last week. Planning on driving from Boston to PA 300 miles door-to-door. I will use the super charger midway (150 miles) in CT. When I get to the destination, I have access to 120v outlet outside the garage. I am planning on staying for 3-4 days. In this temperature (30-40F probably lower at night), will I be able to charge the car back. I am not planning on using the car in PA. Contemplating on whether to do it or use my Lexus 450h? I will be traveling with two little kids and don't want to be stranded. Appreciate any input!

Dennis | December 23, 2013

i plug into a 120V outlet nightly in my garage. i get about 30 - 40 miles for an overnight charge. leaving it plugged in for three full days should be plenty for the return trip.

O EMSHN | December 23, 2013

You will charge at 120V and 12 Amp. Thats 1,440 watts (120 X 12). Even with the car's vampire drain and resistive losses in the line, you should get at least 75% charging efficiency or 1.08 kWatt (1,440 X 75% / 10). You'll need about 55 kWatts of your 85 to comfortably make it back to the CT supercharger so even if you arrive with a completely empty battery, you will only need 51 hours (55 / 1.08) to be ready to head home.

Make sure you monitor charging with the phone app. If there is anything else attached to that circuit, you may not be able to pull 12 amps without blowing fuses.

Bighorn | December 24, 2013

There are situations where the cold will be using up energy to warm the battery such that battery charging may be reduced or eliminated. I'd experiment a little before assuming anything since I don't know those thresholds.

meespiri | December 24, 2013

Dennis, how many hours of charging at night did it take to get 30-40 miles? I work at a fire station 24 hours.

dramingly | December 24, 2013

Dennis is right, wall charging gets you 3-4 miles an hour. The cold should not matter that much if you are not driving it.

What route are you taking? They just opened the JFK Supercharger, which might be a slight detour, but will get you topped off quickly. There might also be some owners along the way who can help you out with a few miles if you need.

Bighorn | December 24, 2013

I had a ranger describe a situation where no battery charging occurred because of the low temps. May have been considerably colder, but battery temperature management takes priority over charging.

spasam | December 24, 2013

Thanks guys. Didn't realize JFK supercharger is online. It is 100 odd miles from my destination. My max hop seems to be from home to Milford CT (150 miles). I will give this a shot.

Brian H | December 24, 2013

And a steady draw for that long will "find" any wiring, connection or other circuit weaknesses.

Mhotep | December 24, 2013

You can also see if there is a Nissan or Chevy dealership where you are going to fill up on charge. Check out the Plugshare app or website. Will give you a list of public chargers you could use where you are going.