120V Power meter for a condo outlet.

120V Power meter for a condo outlet.

My condo association authorized me to use 120V outlet for charging, in fact they already installed in my parking spot (I need to charge 18 miles a day)they ask me to get a power meter, so they can bill my power consumption. Does anyone knows where I can get a power meter? The meters I looked in Amazon are rated 15A 1800 Watts.

Olof | October 22, 2013

Why not get the Amazon one? Since you charge at 12A, 15 should be enough, no?

shop | October 22, 2013

Is the outlet a NEMA 5-15 or a NEMA 5-20? The 5-20 give you a 20 amp breaker, and the 5-15 only a 15 amp breaker. If you got a 5-20, then buy the Tesla 5-20 adapter and you'll be able to charge 33% faster at 16 amp continuous (rather than 12 amps continuous on the 5-15). The 5-20 has an extra horizontal blade like this:

If you have a NEMA 5-20, then you'll have to find a beefier power meter, but if you just have a 5-15, then that Amazon one will do.

Olof | October 22, 2013

@shop: my car only allows up to 12 Amp at 120V.

How do you charge at 16A?

Chuck Lusin | October 22, 2013
shop | October 22, 2013

You charge at 16A with Tesla's NEMA 5-20 adapter. See here:

But you first have to have a NEMA 5-20 plug. You probably do, but worth checking out.

Roamer@AZ USA | October 22, 2013

Maybe a little more than you want. Simple to instal in an outdoor enclosure. Don't have to worry as much about theft. Can be remote read also.

I am president of several HOA's so I have been working on sub meters with our water submeter billing company. Tesla is going to force some on site parking charge ing solutions in the multi family world. Just in the research phase right now. Have not implemented anything.

shop | October 22, 2013

Nice meter! Pretty good price too. And can be installed at the electrical panel which is where you want it anyways. The problem with plug in meters is that they can be unplugged! Hardwiring a meter at the panel in line with the hot wire make a lot more sense.

shop | October 22, 2013

Btw, nice to hear that Tesla is working on multi family dwelling solutions - they are definitely needed.

CA_Kid | October 22, 2013


Very helpful information. Will send to my Maintenance Dept. which should help in getting my 120V station installed. Thanks.

carolinagobo | October 22, 2013

120V only because in Arlington VA, is almost impossible to get permission for a 220V outlet, they require commercial specifications and the price of installation is above $6000. With 120V is enough to charge 15 miles for my commute overnight. The power meter I saw in Amazon in 16 Amps I was not talking about the rate of charge of 120V outlet, just the meter specifications.

Getting Amped Again | October 22, 2013

I've used for eight months and it's worked perfectly. I reset it every month and pay the HOA for the electricity. I often charge for twelve hours straight, or more. No problems.

carolinagobo | October 23, 2013

Got Amped- Thank you +1 just what I needed.

jat | October 23, 2013

Using the 4460 for continuous loads may not work that well: