12v issues?

12v issues?

My apologies if this has been covered to death in other threads, but since there is no search, I haven't been able to find anything by hunting and pecking around the forums here. Although I did find this thread on another site:

I know someone whose 12v died after about 2 months of ownership. From the above thread, I was under the impression that most of the issues have been worked out by now.

Have any new owners experienced issues with 12v battery? Did you get any warning that something was wrong with it? Is it something that should be proactively addressed by contacting Tesla for a new battery?

If there was a bad batch of batteries, I'd like to think that Tesla would contact owners who have batteries from that batch and recall them.

Personally, I haven't had any problems, but I'm concerned that I will some day.

Thanks in advance.

PatriciaS | May 29, 2013

I have recently experienced an epic fail with the 12-V battery. The car
wouldn't go into gear and could not even be driven. It got flat-bed towed back to Tesla service yesterday, and needless to say, the honeymoon is over and the halo has fallen off. I am very disappointed in Tesla. I know this is a cutting-edge, brand new expression of technology, but by the same token, it's a production car, not something I built experimentally from a kit, so it shouldn't have such devastating defects.

nickjhowe | May 29, 2013

PatriciaS - what's your VIN? Wondering if you have an older car with one of the bad batteries, or a newer car and it is still happening.

Brian H | May 29, 2013

Put it up for sale for $20K, and you will no longer be troubled by it.

Vawlkus | May 29, 2013

You can't hold Tesla responsible for someone else's goof. The 12v got subcontracted out to one reputable company which in turn farmed it out to another company, who in turn farmed it out to ANOTHER company. Tesla can't know which batteries are good and which ones are bad until they fail, and they can replace them.

J.T. | May 29, 2013

Of course we can hold Tesla responsible. But that's only because they are. However, I have full confidence this issue will zero out soon. I empathize eith those inconvenienced and, yes, disappointed and heartbroken.

L8MDL | May 29, 2013

Tesla surely keeps track of what shipment of batteries from which manufacturer goes into which VIN. If they don't, they are a pop-stand operation. If they do, they should recall/replace EVERY battery from the bogus shipments, not wait until they fail on the road. Patricia is right - this is not supposed to be a kit car. There are too many stories like hers and Tesla needs to own up to their failure to monitor their suppliers.


My local Tesla service center manager called me to have my battery replaced before I knew there was a problem. 12v battery failure is not isolated to Tesla other manufacturers hav had similar issues. I'm not sure I would start throwing them under the bus when some very large auto manufactures seem to recall cars for safety related problems after these problems show up on customer cars.

Scwins | May 29, 2013

My car had 12v battery issue also. Whole car died two weeks ago. I chronicled the whole story here titles "Regrettable, my MS dies this am" or something like that.

It turns out the 12v battery isn't always THE problem.
In my case it was the junction box that serves the 12v. So very related but not actually the 12v from what I understand.

It was an incredibly scary and inconvenient issue.
It was resolved in about 3 days and after a lot of worrying and anger, it passed and I'm happily driving my MS again.

I think I came to realize there are issues with the cars.
There will continue to be and at the risk of sounding like an a-hole, if you can't accept this as part of the deal for now, I'd suggest you list your car.

It's something that happens and yes, it absolutely is Tesla's responsibility. I just think if you're going to be on the bleeding edge of a car company changing the very fabric of the industry, YOU HAVE to accept some bumps. It is going to happen.

If you don't want any bumps (and I can certainly understand it) then buy yourself a beemer, benz or lexus and your oddds will go way up on a more relaible, trouble free car. Honsestly though, those arent guarnatees and they dont come within an ear shot of an MS.

Hope you can find peace with it. It took me a bit, but I have reflected on what I am driving and knowing there is a price to pay that exceeds the purchase price.

J.T. | May 29, 2013

It used to be more than just inconvenient to be at the beginning of a revolution. The first horseless carriages had the very real possibility of breaking your arm, or worse, when you cranked the thing.

djp | May 29, 2013

SC replaced my 12v and a whole lot of others before problems showed up VIN 5088

PatriciaS | May 29, 2013

Regarding toleration of defects: I knew when I signed on for my Model S back in 2009 that I would face a certain measure of uncertainty and risk in being an early adopter, however, Tesla also has to realize that they are under extra scrutiny and skepticism, and be particularly vigilant about their suppliers. My son, who is an engineer, worked for a company that manufactured automotive safety equipment and wouldn't ship defective parts. He had to destroy hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of parts found to be defective to keep them out of the supply chain. Until the defect was found and the process corrected, nothing went out of there.
I hope Tesla survives and thrives, and even though it's been a bumpy ride so far, I'm in it for the long haul.

PatriciaS | May 30, 2013

I got my car back from Tesla today, after experiencing the 12V battery failure issue. I was told by the service rep that it was determined to be the DC converter, that is, that when the main battery is being charged, the 12V battery is supposed to receive a trickle charge via the converter. The converter failed, thus the 12V battery didn't get charged, and it eventually died, and since it monitors all the onboard electronics, the car could not be driven.

My frustration over this recent turn of events was both due to the car's being out of service for nearly a week, but that was mostly due to having the problem over a holiday weekend. Now that I have it back, I am greatly relieved, and called the service rep back to report that I am pleased with Tesla's warranty service. I don't reserve my feedback for negative rants, I also give credit where credit is due, and make sure the people I have dealt with know that I am satisfied.