16.2 Visualization missing and Cruise Control unavailable

16.2 Visualization missing and Cruise Control unavailable

I just got back from a trip, and my car was parked near the airport while I was away. 16.2 had installed last Tuesday evening, the night before my trip started. I didn't notice anything unusual on the trip to the airport. But coming home tonight the visualization showed a close-up of my car the whole time, and just the car: no road lines, no surrounding traffic. I did occasionally see the proximity curves when driving alongside a large truck or a raised concrete median. When I tried to engage cruise control, I got the message "Cruise Control is not available". I did a scroll-button-reboot while driving, but that didn't improve things.

FWIW, I left the car in Sentry mode and checked on it a few times with the app to make sure the drain wasn't too excessive. I did have 7 Sentry mode alerts, but no damage to car. I reviewed the videos, and other than the guy next to me touching my door with his, there was no actual contact with the car. (Pro tip: if you are picking up your car after a flight and really have to take a leak, don't do it behind a Tesla).

Has anyone else seen this problem?

joe.lynn.atp | May 26, 2019

Correction: I had Sentry Mode Events, not alerts.

anelson1 | May 26, 2019

On 16.2 I've had same issues as well as screen locks, audio not allowing selection and home link failing to work. It took several screen reboots to fix these issues..

todd.storch | May 27, 2019

16.2 for me also. Exact same. No cruise or any AP features.

jespertheend | May 27, 2019

I was having the same issue. When I disabled sentry mode via my phone and enabled it again it was working again. The car was parked for about 30 minutes when I disabled and enabled sentry mode. And about 30 minutes after that I got in the car to drive it.
It’s also worth noting that my car was charging and I kept getting a notification from the tesla app every minute saying that charging was interrupted. Not sure if any of this is related.

joe.lynn.atp | May 27, 2019

The problem was there throughout my drive last night. I charged it overnight, and found that the problem was gone today. So it looks like one of those intermittent things that hopefully gets fixed permanently some day.

glarkin16 | May 29, 2019

I’ve been experiencing this same issue since 5/27. No amount of soft and hard resets seems to help. Just awaiting a software update now to make autopilot usable again.

brianp6621 | May 29, 2019

Exactly the same here. The car acts like the front facing camera/sensors are not working. No cruise, no AP, not even auto headlights (the headlights just stay on) the weird thing is I get no messages until I try and enable AP/CC.

Several software versions so messed with one of my marker cameras and disabled blndspot detection and auto lane change. Now this.

This morning's commute really showed how much I've come to depend on AP

stopnair | May 29, 2019

just curious what HW version are you on? I am on HW 2.5 and I don't have any of these issues..

brianp6621 | May 29, 2019

Oh and I'm on a model S HW 2.5 (I didn't realize which forum this was in when I posted).
This definitely seems like a new SW bug as others on the Model S forum are reporting it as well.

cbryan | June 11, 2019

I have the same issue. Tesla support told me to try this first to troubleshoot. I hope it helps someone, I will try this later tonight and let you know.

Thank you for contacting Tesla Support.

Please restore your autopilot features by following the steps below.

Set Sentry Mode to OFF from Controls > Safety & Security menu
Remove USB Drive (if inserted)
Allow vehicle to sleep
Autopilot features should return after the sleep cycle
In order to prevent the issue from repeating, for now please set your Sentry Mode settings to exclude Home (Controls > Safety & Security > check the Exclude Home checkbox)

Note: You will need to have you Home address saved in Navigation for this exclusion to apply.

Please reply back to this e-mail if you're still encountering an issue after following those steps.


Jordi R | Tesla Support

cbryan | June 11, 2019

Also, I am on 16.3.2 update

cbryan | June 11, 2019

Model 3 standard plus

Rman | June 12, 2019

I tried Jordi's suggestions this morning and it worked. Thank you cbryan for sharing.
Have not put back USB drive back in car yet.

johnmerb | June 12, 2019

That just happened to me this morning. No Autopilot, no navigation, and couldn't go faster than 70mph on the freeway. Drove to a Tesla center. Turned out Valet Mode had been activated somehow. Embarrassing, but a no cost fix at least

Marionjack | July 21, 2019

the temperature was 95 F in Iowa yesterday and I drove about 100 miles and stopped for dinner, when I went to go home my autopilot, cruise control,traffic speed indicator, road markings, sentry mode, auto dim and auto wiper features stopped working. My software is at 2019.20.4.2. Reboot did not help even after turning of sentry and autopilot. The next day things were back to normal.

ytr3wq | July 21, 2019

I'm at 2019.20.4.2. I've had the no cars, lines, auto-driving safety features disabled completely for the last several software versions. It started many months ago as an intermittent issue, and got more frequent with each release.

I have service scheduled in two days, when I hope to confirm what the service technician I spoke to thinks is wrong. He said: "If you leave many types of USB memory sticks in the car during a firmware update, corrupt files and/or some of the downloaded code, can end up on the USB stick.
He thinks it could cause many of my issues:
- no lines/cars in status display (causes no autodrive features to work)
- headlights on in bright light when set to "Auto"
- backup camera going black (much less frequent with 2019.20.4.2, but has happened at least twice since)

He said to complete clear-up the issues they need to remove the USB stick and then do a complete (disconnect all batteries) power cycle. He said sometime they need to reload the firmware after the power cycle.

The side mirror triangle issue he ordered a part for, but he said they are the same as the original ones. I hope this new install of them will eliminate the gaps ...

We'll see on Tuesday.