19" Sport Wheel Curb Rash

19" Sport Wheel Curb Rash

I am so mad at myself. After being so careful with my new beautiful M3, today I scraped the curb slightly when parking. Does anyone know of a remedy? Touchup kit? I saw somewhere put a link to an Amazon touch up paint but the paint comes in tons of colors. I have no idea which one? Don't know what a body shop would charge. I'm in Los Angeles. Any help will be appreciated.

Also...there is a setting for the mirrors to tilt down when backing up. Unfortunately, rather than just the passenger side tilting, both mirrors tilt. That seemed dangerous! I'm hoping this can be changed in a future update. My previous cars mirrors only tilted on the passenger side.

Zidarich | August 30, 2018

I used these on my 18 inchers and am happy with the result (did mine the first day!):

Not sure if it would match the 19s as well. If anyone wants pics, happy to post them.

c.garlow | February 27, 2019

I am wondering if anyone has tried these British AlloyGator vinyl alloy wheel edge protectors. After watching this installation video, I am thinking this might be a good investment, but am wondering if there are any issues associated with installing them. Concerned that they may cause a slow air leak or void warranty from Tesla. Also not sure if they can cause other problems or issues I haven't even thought of. Any feedback would be appreciated.

ODWms | February 28, 2019

I like it. I’ve installed the RimBlades product on my car, and love them. The difference is that RimBlades are installed using 3M tape. They work wonderfully, but one installed that’s it. No removing and reapplying because removing destroys the product. I’d imagine These can be removed and replaced.

RJMIII | February 28, 2019

I bought this kit and I am very happy with the color match.

Lester Green | February 28, 2019