19" wheel touch up paint?

19" wheel touch up paint?

Does anyone know where I can get some touch up paint for the 19" wheels? It isn't sold on the Tesla site yet and the service center doesn't have the paint pens yet.

johnmizio | October 23, 2018

I just ordered Sonic Silver paint from here. I have not received it yet. Hope it works. I called a mobile repair place and got a quote for $150. So I will try this first.

n8r0n | November 1, 2018

According to this, Sonic Silver isn't a match:

I'm still looking for the right paint myself.

wseymour | January 6, 2019

Anyone find the sport wheel touch up paint?

keqianliu | January 10, 2020

According to the dealer near me, the paint code is PMSS.

ronocoug | January 10, 2020

From an older post on the forum: Tesla Starlight Silver Metallic, PMSS from Now I haven't tired it so I'm not sure of the results, but it aligns with @keqianliu post. Ugh, I have two wheels to fix.

mike | January 10, 2020

@ronocoug I have some of this ordered. I think it's on a boat somewhere between here and China. I'll report back. 2019 LR AWD 19 inch wheels.

95dawg | January 10, 2020

Need this. Curb rash isn't too big so hoping touch up will hide it enough to live with it. It's matter of time I hit a curb again. :*(

bfr2mars | January 10, 2020

This color (Silver Frost) seems to be a good match according to people online. I haven't used it yet, but plan to. Whatever product you end up using, good luck...let us know how it comes out!

Scrannel | January 10, 2020

Having trouble locating a color for the 20" performance ("white") wheels. Any ideas? Thanks

FISHEV | January 10, 2020

"Having trouble locating a color for the 20" performance ("white") wheels."

Ask at one of the local wheel repair shops. They had "Tesla Silver" and likely have Tesla White.