19" Wheels - Need alignment checked right away?

19" Wheels - Need alignment checked right away?

Ok, so we all know there has been a *lot* of discussion on here about tire wear with the 21" wheels. At least two owners have brought their cars in for alignment checks as soon as they took delivery and needed fairly major adjustments. What about 19" wheels? Should I be planning on having my alignment checked right away? Are there any wear issues with these wheels?

nickjhowe | July 22, 2013

Good question - every discussion I've seen about tires getting down to canvass has been with 21s.

It sure can't hurt to do an alignment check, but this may be a 21" problem.

Xerogas | July 22, 2013

I had my 19" wheels aligned recently, but for a different reason (I wasn't worried about wear, because I don't have enough miles on them to notice undue wear) -- the car was tracking slightly to the right on the freeway, and the service center knew about this issue from other reports.

JPPTM | July 22, 2013

I had my 2 month old S85 (air susp & 19" Goodyears) at the Fremont SC last week for a few items, and asked for an alignment as the steering wheel pointed a bit to the right. No pulling or other issues. The alignment printout was almost dead-on before the alignment. No significant tier wear at 2800 mi--but I asked for a rotation. Check out other threads (use to search) here and at TMC.

jq5073 | July 22, 2013

Good question. This is one of the things holding me back on a MS. I like the idea of no oil changes, but in my ICE I change the oil every 8,000 miles, don't need an appointment, and don't even need to get out of the vehicle. Getting a tire rotation every 4,000 miles would be a much more significant burden.

Xerogas | July 22, 2013

@ jq5073

Get the 19" then -- there have been no reported issues with them.

jq5073 | July 22, 2013

@Xerogas -- I've been reading a couple of the threads on this and that wasn't entirely obvious to me. I know the focus has been on the 21", but is it the case that the 19" isn't affected?

If so, do you know why? My understanding has been that the negative camber is the same for 19" or 21". Although 21" wheels would be more affected due to the increased distance from the axle, I'd think you would still expect to see some additional wear.

Also, I was told that Tesla is still recommending the same rotation schedule for 19". Is this not the case?

Hegegrande | January 15, 2014

I have an 85 purchased in March 2013. Already burned through a set of 19" Goodyears in the back at 12,500 miles. Tesla repair gave me the whole bit about torque, regen braking, blah blah blah a the cause. The service advisor even gave me the "You know it looks like a sedan, but it really is a sports car" line to validate the tire issue. Ask them for a 4 wheel alignment report as part of the annual service and guess what......The toe in on the rear wheels was exactly the opposite of what it should be set to. The rear tires were heel in, not toe in as they should be. No tire stands a chance with that. See for their story on the very same issue. Am going to follow up with Tesla to see if they will step up and cover the tires because that is ridiculous. Will report back when concluded.

JenAlJill13 | January 15, 2014

I just had the 5000 mile rotation on my 85 with 19s. No unusual wear at all. The service guy told me that they'll easily last 20,000 miles. That would not particularly please me as I'm used to getting 40,000 on my previous ICE, a diesel MB. The 21s give you the added performance but at a price. I'm aware of a thread on this forum that talks about some new Michelins 21 that are warrantied to 30,000 miles. Might want to look at those when it's time to replace the existing 21s.

AmpedRealtor | January 15, 2014

@ JenAlJill13,

A tire warranty will not necessarily cover you if your tires don't last as long as the warranty. You may want to check the language of the warranty, as there are probably many exclusions that apply to wear caused by the vehicle alignment, specifications, etc.

I'm having my 19" Primacies rotated today by the service center. By the way, they say that rotation service is included as part of my annual prepaid service plan.

J.T. | January 15, 2014

@Amped They rotated my tires a couple of weeks ago when it was in for a steering wheel swap. I don't have the plan and it was still no charge. But then again, I do bring them cookies.

Nuts4MS | January 15, 2014

Here is a question, should I ask the SC to check my alignment when I go there for my pick up? It might seem like a nit picky thing but with the camber issue being what it is maybe its best to make sure prior to driving off for the first time, especially since I live like 2 hours away from the SC.


AmpedRealtor | January 15, 2014

@ jtodtman - What happened to your steering wheel? Did you request the upgraded Model X steering wheel with the touch screen buttons? :)

a.versloot | January 15, 2014

Got my 85+ last month. Straight out of the factory it was vibrating a lot. 19" rims. It's at a service center right now being alined again. Got an Opel Astra as a loaner (!?!!). After a software update car wouldn't wake up anymore so it is still there.... Will hopefully get it back tomorrow.

Brian H | January 16, 2014

Uh-oh. It received the dreaded Coma Update!

2-Star | January 16, 2014

I think I had the Coma syndrome this morning. Handles presented ok, but when I sat down in the car, the big screen was blank; little screen was ok. But when I stepped on the brake, the car wouldn't turn on. I tried rebooting by holding down both scroll buttons but no apparent joy. I then tried locking and unlocking the car with the fob, which did lock/unlock, but no joy on the big screen. But when I again tried pressing the brake, the car turned on. Still no big screen.

Went to my destination with blank big screen and no sound from XM or turn signals. Again tried to reboot with no joy. Then tried using the fob to open and close the rear trunk lid. That worked fine and for some reason the big screen suddenly came to life. No more problems today. (Software v5.8.4 - 1.49.57 - 12/31/13)

Any thoughts??

AmpedRealtor | January 16, 2014

Well here's a first... I have more tread on my rears than on my fronts! Service Center was going to rotate my tires, but after seeing the tread wear after 4,500 miles they said I won't need a rotation probably until I hit 7,000 miles or more.

Apparently my tires are wearing minimally and my fronts are slightly more worn than my rears. Can you believe that my rear tires have virtually no wear after 4,500 miles? They also checked inside shoulder of all tires and said that tread depth is the same across the entire tire, so no issues there.

Service center told me that my car has one of the lowest lifetime Wh/mi they have seen at 294 Wh/mi. Technician advised that my tires are doing exceptionally well given my conservative driving style. I never "gun it" or try to show off, I accelerate smoothly and usually in keeping with other vehicles. I drove 114 miles yesterday to run errands, I averaged 270 Wh/mi. I also drove 75 MPH on the freeway.

michael1800 | January 16, 2014

Unless your vehicle is pulling to the left/right on accel/deccel or having handling issues, and you don't notice any obvious wear on the rear tires, you shouldn't need to take it in until the 6k rotation.

Brian H | January 17, 2014

Maybe you should get your alignment etc. measured and documented; you seem to be sitting in the "sweet spot".