1Q Earnings

1Q Earnings

Any guesses for 5/8 earnings announcement?

Analysts estimating $0.04.

I see so many of them on the road now, I expect there to be some upside surprise. I drove 1 mile to drop my son off somewhere, and saw at least 4 on the road. I'm in Silicon Valley, so that skews things a bit, but still, they are everywhere here. So I'm going to guess $0.10

FLsportscarenth... | May 7, 2013

Silicon Valley is an outlier, but trends there will be more evident in the future where income is high and petrol costs are high (rest of CA - 38m, Hawaii 1m, Parts of Europe that regulations are Tesla friendly - 21m)... Be patient... Higher earning are coming. A conservative estimate of .25% adoption rate in 2014 of these areas alone means 150,000 cars sold...

Hmm I think they will have to be adding a shift...

keichhor | May 7, 2013

Well, I would expect the numbers to be very good... According to our factory tour 1 week ago they said they are almost producing 500 cars per week, and that they reduced their spending. Therefore the costs should be contained and the revenues should be increased.