1st Model S in Morocco / Africa

1st Model S in Morocco / Africa

After odering it in Apr 2009, ReceIved my P85, metalic blue, full option Model S last Dec 23rd

Car did not exist here, spent several days having it registered at Customs, Homologation center, Ministry of Transport, Tech Service Cy and National DMV !

Got my final plates Dec 31st, and my electric installation 4 days later

No service center, no charging stations here, but gone for the adventure ...

Fantastic first 500 miles experience, worth all the waiting, hassle and expenses.

Great job Elon and all Tesla team !

P85D | January 8, 2014

What are you going to do if it breaks down with no service center?

SCCRENDO | January 8, 2014

Congratulations. A real pioneer. Welcome to the club. @G-D-H don't be a pessimist its not going to break down. Just has to decide if he wants his 12500 service

jordanrichard | January 8, 2014

Hydra, first congratulations. Second, are there any other American cars in Morocco? I have been to the UAE and all the cars were Asian or European.

Hydra | January 8, 2014

Hi G-D-H,
I'll figure a way to solve the pb with Tesla's team advices & help. I think there always exists a solution.

Hydra | January 8, 2014

Yes, I'll plan to have the 20 000 Kms service performed. Probably will have to drive to France, across Spain, taking my time to charge

emf-fr | January 8, 2014

Finally! I've been waiting for a model s to come to Morocco for ages! Yes, of course there are Other American cars in Morocco, Jordan, but I'm interested only in one ;). Hydra, hope to see your model S on the road soon! Btw which city are you from?

Hydra | January 8, 2014

Hi Jordanrichard,

Yes, all US brands are sold here, through importers, but of course not all models

As to Tesla, maybe soon enough ...

Hydra | January 8, 2014

Hi emf-fr,

I'm in Casablanca, and drive it everyday

Maybe we'll meet

emf-fr | January 8, 2014

Hope so! How much did you pay for it in total ? No plan for superchargers I guess, not before gen 3 at least, right?anyway I wonder what's people reaction when they see your model S rocketing without hearing any noise!

Hydra | January 8, 2014


Paid big bucks as you can imagine

Actually, studying a sc project

As to people, they wonder if they should go for an 'ORL' visit. (happened with my neighbour)

emf-fr | January 8, 2014

Haha! I began thinking that I was the only one aware of the existence of the model S here( none of my friends/classmates have heard of it) I'm from Kénitra, if you're passing buy someday feel free to charge at my house(not thinking about to get a test drive :D)

Newampster | January 8, 2014

Hydra, good for you. Great to be a pioneer. I hope you bought Ranger service. Show them the Tesla grin.

create | January 8, 2014

Where did you import from? Curious if you got Europe or US spec charge port.

NomoDinos | January 8, 2014

Hydra - Congrats on the P85!! Much respect for being such a pioneer and planting the seeds of Tesla in Morocco. I had the pleasure of visiting your beautiful country last year, and it was some of the most amazing culture, people and food I've ever experienced. I can still recall every bite I took during my meal at Yacout in Marrakesh :) Enjoy the car in good health, and be sure to give the Tesla nod to the good people at "Miami Plage" as you cruise by!

Hydra | January 9, 2014

Hi emf-fr,

Thanks for the proposal. Same to you if you come to Casa, I'll be pleased to show you the car & offer you a coffee

Hydra | January 9, 2014

Hi Newampster,
Still waiting for a reply from Tesla related to Ranger Sce

Hydra | January 9, 2014

Hi Create,
Ordered from the US in 2009
Car sent from CA to Tilburg, Holland where it was delivered to my transporter that loaded it in a container and shipped to Casablanca. Car came with European spec charge port.

lolachampcar | January 9, 2014

Pictures Please!
A good one really needs to make it to the Tesla web site.

Hydra | January 9, 2014

Hi NoMoDinos,

Thanks and you're welcome back to Morocco anytime

Hydra | January 9, 2014

Hi lolachampcar,

First photos on

Will load more later

lolachampcar | January 9, 2014

Yipeeeee and thank you!

lolachampcar | January 9, 2014

It just took me to a G+ site :(

Brian H | January 9, 2014

to post pix here, host them on a website, like Display fullsize, rt-click and select Copy Image Location. Put the URL in this HTML:

<img src="URL" width="600">

NKYTA | January 9, 2014

She's a blue beauty! Congrats!

Hydra | January 9, 2014

Hi Nkyta,


emf-fr | January 9, 2014

Did local auto magazines contact you? I think that it would be great to make some publicity for Tesla. Although, that might threaten your status of the coolest guy in Morocco right now :p

Hydra | January 9, 2014

Hi emf-fr,

No, for they do not know and, as you wrote, I'm not too keen on it ...

jjs | January 9, 2014


Congrats. You are indeed a true pioneer. Welcome to the club. Great color. I have the same, but with black interior. I really like the looks of your tan interior. Enjoy

Hydra | January 9, 2014

Hi jjs,

I like clear interior color (+ have no young kids to spoil it...)

Rheumboy | January 9, 2014

Here's to you kid!!!

emf-fr | January 9, 2014

I hope you convince, some of your friends to buy one. I'm still studying(CPGE MP)right now, will hopefully begin working by the time gen 3 is available, first thing I'm gonna buy, don't care about the loans :D. But there need to be some little infrastructure created in the country. Despite the fact that Morocco is on a pretty good path towards renewable energy, I believe it will take some time before people start driving electric cars. What's that sc project you talked about in a previous comment ?

carolinagobo | January 9, 2014

You can go to Madrid, beautiful drive trough Andalucia province. Tesla will open a store and service this year. Congratulations.

Hydra | January 10, 2014

Hi emf-fr,
I think that as long as there are no real Gov & local incentives + min. infrastructure there will be very little EVs around

Working on a multi brand charging stations project

Hydra | January 10, 2014

Hi cberman,

Thanks for the info, I did not have it. It'll be much closer and practical

Where did your read it ?

Dayanjak | January 10, 2014

Hi Hydra ,
Gr8 color of your car !
Wish we have it in israel soon
More than welcome to come and charge it in my house...

Hydra | January 10, 2014

Hi Jackob,

Thanks, but a bit far to come to
Wish you have Tesla there very soon

NomoDinos | January 10, 2014

Jackob - I think Tesla might still be spooked from Better Place's unfortunate demise.

ian | January 10, 2014

Let's see if this works…

ian | January 10, 2014


Not sure why that first image is sideways. It displays correctly on my iPad on the tinypic site but not on my MacBook Pro.

Welcome and congrats on the beautiful car! Love that Blue/Tan combo just wouldn't want to maintain that blue here in the rainy PNW (of the US)!


SamO | January 10, 2014

Way to be a great ambassador for Tesla. Make sure you give as many rides as possible and spread the tesla grin!

50+ rides given in 4 months.

Hydra | January 10, 2014

Hi Goneskiian,

Thanks for the pics. I'll have better ones this WE

Hydra | January 10, 2014

Hi SamoSam,

I've given already 17 rides, 13 to interested people
Tesla grin slowly starting to spread ...

NKYTA | January 10, 2014

@Hydra, it's only blooming now?! ;-)

I'm sure the folks are loving that novel experience, I must be past 100 test rides by now.

Rest assured you'll keep your Grin a long time.

Hydra | January 10, 2014


I'm convinced I will !
Not only because of this top EV, but also thanks to the exchanges with the great people of this forum

SamO | January 10, 2014


I'll pick up my game ;-) I got my dad to buy one on the factory tour and two other friends have theirs now.


It's strange we are almost compelled to spread the good word about Tesla.

Hydra | January 10, 2014

Want to also add the excellent customer experience so far with, the UK originaly, and the EU recently, service center's professional yet very friendly people !
All in all I guess this is why the good word spreads

NKYTA | January 10, 2014

@Samo it is a waterfall effect. I gave two test rides to coworkers, then four more wanted one, then eight more...

thranx | January 10, 2014

@Hydra; I'm sure you're aware of this, but when you load your model S on the Tangier ferry (to get to Spain or France for service), you might want to take along some thick moving pads to place in front of and behind your car. I heard one horror story from a car owner about the car parked in the lane in front of him on that ferry slipping out of Park and repeatedly banging into the nose of his Mercedes. By the time they got to Spain, the front of his car was a mess.

I.C.E.Stalker | January 10, 2014

Congrats!! On being the first....hopefully, not the last.