2012 Model S P85 vs 2012 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Convertible...

2012 Model S P85 vs 2012 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Convertible...

First off... I don't condone illegal street racing.

With that said, along a quiet stretch of road the other day, a 2011-12 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Convertible came up besides be at a red-light, man in his 50's revving his 430 HP V-8 ICE engine. No other cars were around, and I had just finished my long commute home, and had 40 rated miles left on my P85, so I couldn't resist.

Either way, I punched it off the line (as did he), and I was at least two to three car lengths ahead of him to 70 MPH, after 85 he started catching up, and by 120 he was at my side, before we both let off (as we were coming up on a stoplight), he smiled and went on his way.

I am not sure how much better I would have done with my P85 having a 90% charged battery, however, considering his car is closely rated to mine, it was fairly obvious who had the advantage to 120 MPH. I am sure he would have overtaken me after 130, however, who gives a crap (I don't live in Germany).

rchiang | July 18, 2013

Good race!

cfOH | July 18, 2013

Personally, I don't give a whit about top end in a street car (assuming it's at least 90). I'd much rather have a car that provides instantaneous acceleration in the 0-65 mph range, and the MS does that quite nicely.

Glad you had fun and didn't end up a Darwin Award candidate.

AmpedRealtor | July 18, 2013

You don't condone illegal street racing, yet you engage in the activity and then promote it by writing about it online. If I didn't know better, it sounds like you condone it very much. If you didn't, how could you be engaging in it and then promoting it by writing about it?

Be honest with yourself and stop apologizing! LOL

HenryT2 | July 18, 2013

One big difference is his car did it with a lot of noise and commotion.

Comparing racing with a Corvette and racing with a Model S is like comparing a fight with a gorilla or with a Ninja. The gorilla does it with a lot of noise, fuss, and possibly some feces throwing. The Model S does it by quietly popping up behind you and slitting your throat (and, usually, no feces).

RedShift | July 18, 2013


Going to 120 on a street is quite dangerous, especially in your neighborhood. A similar thing was about to happen to me vs a 2011 M3. I didn't make eye contact and went on my way. My house is around the corner, and, just knowing my big sedan can run with him if needed is enough for a quiet satisfied grin to appear on my face. Speaking as a fairly aggressive BMW owner ( past car).

THEKING | July 18, 2013

i just read a similar story in a corvette forum of a vette toying with a model S

TikiMan | July 18, 2013

Yes, I agree... MY BAD! Yes, I know I sound as hypocritical as the many of the laws in America, and I know that does not make it ok).

I REALLY don't condone illegal street racing (even more so if you don’t have at least 30+ years of experience behind the wheels of very powerful 400+ HP sports cars, as I do), and YES, it was VERY dangerous, and I would have never tried it in a residential area with homes, nearby pedestrians’ cross-streets, etc. The area in question was a long 50 MPH straight between hills and nothing else.
Thus my disclaimer at the top of my post.

I really need to lobby my local congressman to build a legal race-track in my area.

TikiMan | July 18, 2013
THEKING | July 18, 2013

tesla beats most everything off the line.... well other than a pannamera turbo
i've been smoked a few times by them.

TikiMan | July 18, 2013


Can you send me the link to the Vette forum post?

carlk | July 18, 2013

THEKING You again? You only have a MS poster on your wall.

lph | July 18, 2013

The king:
I know what you have said about the panamera turbo being quicker than the MS and I agree that overall it is the quicker car. However, next time you go up against a Panamera turbo try a 5-60. He will be at a disadvantage because he can't use the launch control. I recon it will be close and possibly you will beat it.
Test reports show th MS doing the 5-60 in about .1 to .2 sec less than 0-60, but I never seen any ICE come closer than .3 to .4 sec more than 0-60, and most are in .5 to .6 sec range.
I am interested because to me the 5-60 is much more useful real world measurement for day to day driving. Like pulling out of a slow lane to a fast one.... A real safety issue.

Based on this then:
Panamera T 3.5+.3=3.8 maybe 3.9 sec.
MS 3.9 -.1= 3.8 maybe 3.7 sec.
A dead heat on paper...... Try it.... In a safe and legal place.

Mathew98 | July 18, 2013

Yes, my warp drive space ship goes faster than my MS too. I can show you a picture of my MS but the pix of the warp drive is gonna take some time...

Electricfun | July 18, 2013

Please don't be a tool again
show a bit more CLASS

RedShift | July 18, 2013

Electric fun appears as soon as THEKING is questioned.

How many posters do you have now, kingy?

Mag-racing is fun, dog!!!

Electricfun | July 18, 2013

You've done this with different posters numerous times and the KING
never has responded to you like you deserve.
End of story

Electricfun | July 18, 2013

You fellas need to get some thicker skin! the MS is a great car no doubt but you act like there isn't any better car which is just foolish and naive thinking. I guess that's why I see guys from other car forums joking about the arrogance of it!

GeirT | July 18, 2013

Fun read, fun exercise and - nothing to apologise about. I'd grab the opportunity in a flash.
And I know I will when I get my MS

carlk | July 18, 2013

THEKING/Electricfun Enjoy your paper race now. One day you might be lucky enough to own a Porsche or even a MS.

Electricfun | July 18, 2013

again @carlK
You just made my point
hook. Line sinker

jonlivesay | July 18, 2013

Who cares? Model S is not in competition with any other car I know of. Some are quicker, some are more luxurious, some have a name, but none run all electric. Yes I am a Model S owner, no I would not trade it for any other car on the market today. Car speaks for itself, so get in and drive...safely of course. Next time another driver pulls up beside you and wants to race, offer him/her a ride in your Tesla, guarantee they like it.

mollmason | July 18, 2013

Hahah great story. I will race anyone with my model s (only if I feel it's safe). Ok off to go find a vette to smack around.

Litennn | July 18, 2013

Want to see my Model S with the ION Drive.


carlk | July 18, 2013

@jonlivesay I couldn't care less if there are cars that MS can't beat either. I don't evne have a MS (yet) there is no reason I need to defend it. I do have a Porsche though (Cayman S) and I don't neet to defend Porsche or ICE car either. THEKING comes out talking how Panamera turbo smokes his MS EVERY TIME when someone mentioned race MS with another car. He neither owns a MS nor he ever raced a Panamera turbo. His altered ego Electricfun would come out attack anyone who questioned THEKING about his "race" because he's not able to defend his own lies.

carlk | July 19, 2013

@TikiMan Sorry about hijacking your thread. I think we can go back to the topic now.

Your Corvette vs Tesla video is very revealing. In the beginning when those MS vs M5/AMG/Viper... videos first surfaced a lot of non-believers said the MS had false starts or the ICE cars did not launch correctly. The Corvette video shows clearly (3x) that it's just the way how MS goes. Few, if any, ICE cars can match 0-30 of MS, not to mention the drivers will risk serious drive train damage if they try too hard.

Shesmyne2 | July 20, 2013

@ TikiMan;
we HAVE done it & it was awesome!
Vette driver was SHOCKED and laughing, gave us a big thumbs up.
Kept us smiling all day, and you BET we'd do it again.

Still Grinning;-)

THEKING | July 21, 2013

you were the one who took this thread out of line.
read the posts and you'll see as usual. you seem to get butthurt about the panamera turbo. your dementia must be getting the best of you.

you do make me laugh, you don't even own an MS but post in all these threads like you know it all.
reading your posts i can tell you know ZERO about cars. risk serious drive train issues by driving hard off the line? where do you come up with such nonsense?
someday i'll own a porsche? lol
a cayman s is not a porsche son. don't be that guy, if ya get my drift.

THEKING | July 21, 2013

I'll add this, in my opinion for 90-100k car i don't think there is any better value overall on the road at that price point. a very special vehicle.

carlk | July 21, 2013

@THEKING Haha you're back? Care to tell us what MS you own and under what conditions you got smoked by all those Panamera turbos?

Cayman is more a Porsche than that front engine 4 door sedan is dude! Matter of fact it's what the 911 should be other than Porsche deliberately dumbed it down in the hp department. But why am I arguing all this to you who only read these cars in car magazines?

THEKING | July 21, 2013

LOL @carlk
so i guess i'll see ya at the PCA sept 28th in san diego?