2013 Tesla Model S Calendar now available!

2013 Tesla Model S Calendar now available!

After years in the making (ok, maybe 30 days), the non-official 2013 Tesla Model S calendar is available! This includes some of the best owner and pro photographer photos on the Model S not from Tesla Motors. While I really wanted a calendar and I didn’t see anyone else putting one together, I started this project rather late – at the end of January. The calendar starts in March 2013 and ends February 2014 and has two bonus cover shots. I hope you enjoy it.

You can preview and order your own at Mixbook at

The cost is $19.99 plus shipping. Try coupon code 30MBLIN1 which if it works, should save you 30%. They are always running some coupons so check around if this code doesn’t work.

This is a non-profit endeavor (I don’t make anything if you buy it). A huge thanks go out to all the photographers who agree to let me use these great photos in the calendar.

As background, I searched the Tesla and TMC forums for what I thought were cool and interesting photos. I selected about 25 photos and then contacted the owners for permission and in some cases, to get a higher resolution image. One photo I purchased from a professional studio (the custom painted MS in April), and another photo took quite a few hours of detective work to hunt down the original photographer (the snowy MS in December). The captions, where present, are what the owner requested when I asked for permission to use the photos. All photos used were pulled into Photoshop for sizing and in some cases minor tweaking, and in a few cases more significant tweaking such as adding a little sky at the top or gravel at the bottom so the image didn’t need to be cropped. Hopefully these digital manipulations are not obvious. My apologies to those owners who photos were not selected.

My calendar has been shipped to me, but not yet seen, so I haven’t confirmed the quality of the calendar and image printing. I’ll add an update once I get it and can confirm it’s as I expect.

Zextraterrestrial | February 28, 2013

Sweet. There's my Joules ;>

Good job w/ the quick calender!


STEVEZ | February 28, 2013

Looks great, Frank; can't wait to get my copy. I'm happy to have contributed photos for the effort.

STEVEZ | February 28, 2013

Did you post this over on TMC, too? I'm sure there would be some interest. | February 28, 2013

Yep, but it hasn't appeared yet. I think it's waiting for moderator approval as it has a link to Mixbook for the calendar.

olanmills | February 28, 2013

Haha, not bad. | March 1, 2013

Here's a tiny image of the calendar.

Go to the Mixbook link above to see better images.

Velo1 | March 1, 2013

I love it and just ordered two.

riceuguy | March 1, 2013

Love it! Might I suggest starting a running contest for photos for the 2014 version?

mklcolvin | March 1, 2013

Awesome. Just ordered mine!

dhurbon | October 16, 2013

I'm new to this forum and was wondering if there will be a 2014 version soon? I'd love to hang one up in my office.

2050project | October 17, 2013

Very cool, I want one!

Stiania | November 6, 2013


Would love one for 2014. Will get my fully loaded S85 in 12 weeks here in Norway.

If you make one for 2014 - drop me a mail at and I can have it shipped to our Jacksonville, FL office.

Cheers from the top of the world

Captain_Zap | November 10, 2013

You might try charging a couple extra bucks next year as a benefit for the "Adopt a Charger" program.