2017 model s lease take over $770 month

2017 model s lease take over $770 month

Hello, I have a 2017 model s 75d that I'm looking to have my lease taken over.

I'm located in miami and I have 20 months left on my lease. My payment is $770 monthly.

I'm looking for all offers from lease swaps to a bigger vehicle or a straight lease take over. Thank you

ksebok | January 12, 2019

I’m potentially interested in your car. What’s the best way to contact to you- email or offline?

Viperdude1 | January 12, 2019

You can message me at

p.c.mcavoy | January 13, 2019

@Viperdude1 - You’ve not disclosed probably the most important detail. What is the mileage on the car and the remaining mileage on the lease? I would not expect anyone to give this any serious consideration without having that detail.