2018.21.9 is BIG update to autopilot

2018.21.9 is BIG update to autopilot

this was a HUGE improvement in autopilot! Those of you trying it on the highway may think this update didn’t change much but take it on a twisty turny country road and you will be surprised! It Now takes sharp, almost 90 degree turns (as long as it’s set to a reasonable speed such as the speed limit) . It even brakes if needed through the sharp bends. I still keep my hands on the wheel and my foot ready on the brake as I don’t trust it fully, but this is a BIG update in my opinion. Even on the not so sharp turns everything feels much more silky smooth!

jbilgihan | June 9, 2018

...and you shouldn’t ever trust it. They indicate that you should be prepared to take over at any time.


ebmcs03 | June 9, 2018

Twisty country road??? Are their lane markings?

I have not been brave enough to use AP on any street without lane markings.

jjgunn | June 9, 2018

Driver assist not "AutoPilot" - Really wish Tesla would just change the name.

Great to hear though. Looking forward to trying it out.

Someday I'll be able to sleep while my car drives me to work

noleaf4me | June 9, 2018

I'm still on version 2018.18.13 I really hope they push out the update to me soon!!

SO | June 9, 2018

Really wish people would get of the name complaint. Even if it was named “driver assist”, people would get overly confident and use it improperly. Some people are going to be complacent regardless.

doelcm | June 9, 2018

Agree on the name Autopilot is the brand name. If you think the *name* Autopilot is going to lull you into complacency so that you crash, you should not order a Tesla with the feature, and if you have the feature you should absolutely not turn it on for any reason. You know your own mind better than other people, so it's your call. Choose wisely.

jjgunn | June 9, 2018


You're most likely right - human nature - however, we wouldn't have to constantly hear the media claiming "another Tesla accident!! Was AP enabled?!??! ZOMG!"

Anyway - looking forward to testing this "AP" out real soon :-)

gballant4570 | June 9, 2018

Sounds much closer to FSD. Glad to hear about this update.

TexasBob | June 9, 2018

Much has been made of the Autopilot name misleading people. I find that strange. IMO Autopilot is a great name for it. Autopilots on aircraft are not robot pilots. Someone is always at the controls. Aircraft AP cannot taxi or takeoff. The most sophisticated versions can land the plane but most do not. They are great for when you get to altitude and are cruising but they are not generally relied upon in heavy traffic approach and landing, in hight turbulence or bad weather, etc. In all cases, the pilot needs to be in the cockpit, paying attention, and in control.

The problem is not the name Autopilot - which is a very good analogy - but that people pretend that it can operate fully autonomously. And this is not a misunderstanding either. How many people who abused Tesla AP would ever fly an airline where the pilot and co-pilot are in the back serving drinks because "Hey, the plane has autopilot"? My guess: zero. So why on earth do the equivalent on their car?

dkabq | June 9, 2018

Subaru has eyesight does that mean I can close my eyes while driving? sorry autopilot is a fine name. The driver is always responsible to understand the limitation of their vehicles. Someday maybe we will have an uninformed driver proof vehicle, maybe.

idoggmd | June 9, 2018

I agree with you TexasBob. However , I think that normal people do not realize how an actual autopilot functions on an airplane. This is where the problem lies.
There is quite a bit of fine tuning needed. Maybe I’m just paranoid but I still get more stressed driving with the auto pilot on. In stop and go traffic however it’s amazing!

aslammazad | June 9, 2018

While everyone is debating on whether the name autopilot is an appropriate name or not...just went for a drive and found auto park works flawlessly and much more smoothly and quickly and confidently. Gives me the option to auto park EVERY time on BOTH parallel and perpendicular parking opportunities as long as there are two cars to park between. This is HUGE.
Why is everyone so bogged down with the boring trees when there is a beautiful forest to behold??

jjgunn | June 9, 2018

@aslammazad - "just went for a drive and found auto park works flawlessly"
Good, that's going to help my wife >;-D

jbilgihan | June 9, 2018

Can you auto park while not in the car? At least for perpendicular spaces where the space is too tight to open the door.

Like a reverse summon feature.


afrandx | June 9, 2018

One user in another post stated the performance and acceleration is back to before the "they slowed my car down" days. Can anyone confirm that or was that whole event a mind trick?

SO | June 9, 2018

jjgunn | June 9, 2018

You're most likely right - human nature - however, we wouldn't have to constantly hear the media claiming "another Tesla accident!! Was AP enabled?!??! ZOMG!"

Oh yes we WOULD still hear it from the press!!! Even if it was named “don’t trust this with your life and always be attentive”, the media would latch on to this because people want to read about Tesla. Perhaps the media couldn’t cling to the name as an issue, but they’d find some other way to make news.

SCCRENDO | June 9, 2018

To me auto park on the Model 3 is uselless. I have never used it. I get the “P” in traffic when stopped at lights but have never seen it when I have a parking opportunity

aslammazad | June 9, 2018

@sccrendo - umm...I just said this is fixed in this latest update. Are you just trying to be negative for what???

rdavis | June 9, 2018

Actually they fixed auto park back in 2018.18 release.

rdovale | June 9, 2018

My autopilot shows only the lane I'm in even with the latest update. When I'm on US1 with 3 lanes, it doesn't show the other lanes and when I turn on signal it doesn't change lanes. I've only had the car a week so am I doing something wrong?

Daryl | June 9, 2018

Is US1 a limited access freeway there, or just a highway? It matters. I've driven on some wide highways that weren't really freeways with limited access on and off ramps, and it would not change lanes for me. Once I got on a true freeway, it has worked fine.

mfong | June 9, 2018

With 2018.18.13, I started to see the lane line next to the lane I am in. This was on US 101. I haven't tried lane changes yet. I hear it is a little flaky. Perhaps it is better in this new release.

nvjx | June 9, 2018

I have 2018..18.13 and Auto Park hasn't worked for quite some time. The last time it was available was back in February.

Iwantmy3 | June 9, 2018

Autopark worked for me last Thursday night. I didn't get the update to 21.9 until last night. Today, I couldn't get it to come on. Autopilot seems to be nagging more often today although the rate of the nags slowed down as the day went on

herb.keller | June 9, 2018

Boy i see so many people getting 21.9. I still haven’t received the update. I’m currently on 18.13

MarylandS85 | June 9, 2018

I’m still on 2018.18.3 too. It will get to us eventually. Don’t worry.

ryan | June 9, 2018

Just installed 21.9 tonight. Finally we get cars in adjacent lanes like MS/X has had. Really looking forward to checking out the improved cornering in AP. I use AP a lot for my long commute to work and there are some turns where it is a bit slow to react in exactly the same way every time. If there are no cars I’ll let it go but if I see some I take over. Maybe now it will not require take over.

SCCRENDO | June 9, 2018

@aslammazad, I may be negative but I am honest. I am on 2018.18.3 and autopark aint worth shit. I will await 2018.21 and get back to you.

johnse | June 9, 2018

I timed the nag in my Model X today on 21.9. From hands-off to first nag on a freeway was 70 seconds.

Sounds like you don’t have lane change enabled in the Driver Assist settings.

johnnykadi | June 10, 2018

I think the update is terrible. You now have to put your hands on the steering wheel twice as fast as before. I know......they should be there all the time, but im watching the road and have my hands near at all times. But for long traffic filled trips, it was much better to only have to put your hand on the wheel every couple minutes instead of every 15-30 seconds.

scott8659 | June 10, 2018

Your hands should never leave the wheel. This is not a fully autonomous vehicle. The fact that so many here are annoyed by this demonstrates the problem.

cornellio | June 10, 2018

scott8659, it demonstrates your problem.

johnnykadi | June 10, 2018

@scott8659 Elon himself when doing a demo of the car didn't have his hands on the wheel. As long as they are near the wheel and your eyes never leave the road you are fine.

scott8659 | June 10, 2018

Good luck using that rationale when you cause an accident. I hope you look good in lipstick because I’m sure your cell mate would appreciate it.

compchat | June 10, 2018


When fully implemented Model 3 is suppose to be a fully autonumous vehicle. The problem is no one knows when it will be implemented if ever.

Agent_86 | June 10, 2018

The issue for me is not having it in AP with my hands off the wheel, it's the car not detecting that my hands are there. With a longer allowable period, it's more time the car can get a valid confirmation that my hands are on. I'm expecting a lot more false alarms now complaining my hands aren't there even when they are since it needs that validation more often.

phil | June 10, 2018

scott8659 | June 10, 2018 "Good luck using that rationale when you cause an accident. I hope you look good in lipstick because I’m sure your cell mate would appreciate it."

But wouldn't it be cool if his cellmate turns out to be Elon, for the same hands-off driving offense?

johnyi | June 10, 2018

@James, if the space it too tight for you to open the door, then it's too tight for the adjacent cars to open their doors too. You'd be inviting some door dings that way...

lilbean | June 10, 2018

+1 johhnykadi
This is Tesla's attempt to idiot-proof and suicide-proof the car.

ryan | June 10, 2018

Ok so I went through my normal commute road which I have AP turned in for to see if it fixes the places where I need to take over. It doesn’t, but I can confirm it’s “different”. There’s a point where it gets closer to the side barrier than before. Overall I think it’s about the same, it’s not as good as human. The one thing about Elon’s “all cars made from now on will be FSD compatible” that I am concerned about is CPU and/or memory requirements. The cars in other lanes is a pretty big improvement though. Still hasn’t caught up with S/X for showing bikes and big trucks though.

Haggy | June 10, 2018

"Your hands should never leave the wheel. This is not a fully autonomous vehicle. The fact that so many here are annoyed by this demonstrates the problem."

One has nothing to do with the other. In almost all cases where autopilot accidents made the news, it was TACC, not autosteer that was an issue. Yet nobody is saying that it's important to hover your foot over the brake pedal at all times. People don't even say that about regular cruise control, where reaction time is a lot longer than it will be to grab the wheel.

Holding the wheel doesn't mean that a person is paying attention. Not holding the wheel doesn't mean it will take longer to react. If I'm holding the wheel loosely, I will still need time to react before I take over, and the difference between that and having to grab the wheel is insignificant.

When a car drives under a truck, but it kept itself centered in the lane as it went under it, or it smashes into a fire truck but stays right in the middle of the lane as it does it, holding the wheel isn't necessary. Paying attention is necessary.

lilbean | June 10, 2018

No matter how well I pay attention, there is no amount of attention that will prevent the car from unnecessarily slamming on the brakes.

mos6507 | June 10, 2018

The problem isn't "attention". It's a half-baked self-driving feature that is demanding that people babysit it, defeating any and all conveniences that should come from self-driving in the first place. These arguments will continue to circle around endlessly as fanbois attempt to avoid that inconvenient truth above until the software actually improves. In the meantime, cars will continue to smash into gore-points, graze barriers, bang into fire-trucks and police-cars, all under the so-called watchful eye of Tesla's vaunted sensor package and emergency braking system.

SCCRENDO | June 10, 2018

@Mos6507, No it is the “half-baked” driver not in control of their vehicle. Although let me repeat that I am not in favor of the nag.

billlake2000 | June 10, 2018

lilbean, I find that it is not very easy to idiot-proof a thing. Idiots have some kind of supernatural ability to defeat all your best efforts.

lilbean | June 10, 2018

So true, @billlake2000!

seattlemag | June 10, 2018

+1 @Haggy & @lilbean

maintreqd | June 11, 2018

@jjgunn | June 9, 2018
Driver assist not "AutoPilot" - Really wish Tesla would just change the name.

I hear you, but in marketing if you don't productize a feature like this (aka give something cool a name by which people refer to it and can latch onto), it often dies on the design floor. DriverAssist just doesn't sound as cool as Autopilot. It might not've gotten legs. Musk/Tesla are selling features, and part of that is the wow/cool factor.

Now I don't disagree with you that public perception over the name has made it into something the product is NOT intended to do currently. But that's the fault of each consumer who refuses to heed the warnings (which Tesla, above all other auto manufacturers with driver assist software, have made PAINFULLY clear at this point, both in print, and in in-car visual/audio communications, alerts, etc.).

jimmy | June 11, 2018

@billlake2000 there’s a saying “if you made something ‘idiot proof,’ you’ve merely built a better idiot.”

djharrington | June 11, 2018

Maybe some of you need to beef up your forearms or something (do some naked ice climbing!), but I cruise in AP with either my right or left hand at 5 or 7 o’clock and my elbow on the armrest. That provides me 1) enough torque to avoid any nags (but not enough to take it off AP), 2) ability to override autosteer if it tries something I don’t like, and 3) relaxation and comfort on trips (with head on headrest I arrive less tired and with no neck soreness compared to pre-AP).