2018.46.2 screen problems

2018.46.2 screen problems

What happened to my screen?

2018.46.2 software just recently downloaded, and I'm not happy with the resulting screen.

1. I can no longer put the rear camera at the very top of the screen.
2. I can not put both rear looking camera and phone on the screen at the same time
3. It now takes two button pushes to get to the app icons at the bottom of the screen, instead of one push at the top of the screen.
4. All the apps seem to be overlays on the navigation maps screen.
5. And music app seems to follow apps when dragged up on the screen.

Any suggestions to help here?



Yodrak. | December 6, 2018

Where have you been for the last two months? There is no help here, learn to enjoy what Tesla has given you.

ride525 | December 6, 2018

Been waiting since before Veteran's Day for six steering wheel buttons and horn to get fixed. It took the whole steering wheel assembly to fix.

cocempire47 | December 6, 2018

So I will just suggest you to downgrade your software version to most recent one.

wisam.alrawi | December 6, 2018

V9 software brought all those changes. Some people like the new interface, some are okay and some hate it.
I didn't spend much time with the v8 since I got my Model S recently. I feel the new interface is more polished despite the limitations you mentioned. | December 7, 2018

On #1 - It, does allow it to be about 1" from the top. Seems all those that complained about it being lower in an earlier v9 are no longer complaining.

On #2 - do you back the car up while in the middle of making a phone call? Seems strange combination. Agree, you need to start your phone call first before backing up. An incoming call answering or a call hang up can still be answered with left scroll button any time.

On #3 -
a) Access to less used apps is the same - one tap to make them appear and one to select - same as v8 while driving.

b) Access to music now one tap, where it used to take two in v8.

c) Access to map require no taps, where depending on what apps were on screen, might take 1-2 taps in v8.

#4 - yes. don't see the problem.

#5 - yes, don't see the problem.

My suggestion is to spend more than a couple of minutes with it. My guess is after a few weeks, you will hate to switch back to v8 if it were an option.