2019 Midwest Tesla Gathering

2019 Midwest Tesla Gathering

Ever want to test out your Tesla's handling skills without risking a ticket? Well here's you chance.

The 2019 Midwest Tesla Gathering will be held in Bowling Green, KY on Aug 3rd, 2019.

This year we've rented out the track at the NCM Motorsports Park for a 3.2 mile road course. The course features multiple corners and curves and a fast straightaway. Participants will run the track in 5 Tesla groups based on car configuration and drive confidence. Each group will have a lead/follow car.

Registration to the event includes a buffet lunch at the track and dinner near by after the event.

Full details can be found at

dinesh | February 7, 2019

Pre-registration closes on Feb 15th. Register now.

jrga1996 | August 26, 2019

Sorry, I did not see this sooner! I live and work in Bowling Green I hope everyone enjoyed your stay! I also manage a couple hotels here and of course we have Tesla Charging stations. Next time you are headed this way hope you will give us a try at the new TRU by Hilton. OR the Hilton Garden Inn.