2019.5.15 bug?

2019.5.15 bug?

Right window rolled down by itself after walking away from the car. Don't like walking back to check it everytime.
Does anyone have the same problem?

dalesmith1962 | March 15, 2019

I had that issue when I first got my car in June. I had read that you could “recalibrate” the window by holding the button down for 5 seconds after the window had gone all the way down. Then do the same when raising the window.

After I did that the window stopped going down on its own. Others reported that it did not work for them so YMMV.

nhunguyen | March 16, 2019

thank you. seems ok now after resetting the window.

hcdavis3 | March 16, 2019

Did you save a seat setting with the window open accidentally? Happened to me. Set a new setting with windows all closed. No problem since.