2019.5.15 Club

2019.5.15 Club

Out of my 6 friends with Model 3's I'm the only one still on 5.15 haha

Am I just unlucky or have lucky friends?

kevin_rf | April 3, 2019

9 out of 10 Tesla owners prefer 8.4

mjcarley | April 3, 2019

Still on 5.15 as well, I guess it depends on VIN? who knows

spuzzz123 | April 3, 2019

5.15 here. They obviously hit the brakes on the rollout. Hopefully that means we'll have fewer bug pain when we do finally get it. Who has teslafi stats to show percentages of versions?

mkrueger3 | April 3, 2019

7.11 here. On Teslafi there was a big rollout of 8.4 yesterday with almost 500. Today it seems a lot slower. So far out of 2,449 Teslafi subscribers 816 (33.3%) have version 8.4.

Jlomb436 | April 3, 2019

I'm in the same boat. There is 33% on 8.4 and 27.4% on 8.3 at the moment. So more than half are rocking the "new" update with power range etc. Only 9% of us are on 5.15.

P49X | April 3, 2019

2,455 contributing Model 3s on TeslaFi:

2019.9: 1.3%
2019.8.4: 33.6%
2019.8.3: 42.5%
2019.5.15: 17.6%
2018.5.6: 2.4%

Fredvanngo | April 3, 2019

Still on 5.15 . Losing my patience !

Fredvanngo | April 3, 2019

Me too !

donharvey2323 | April 3, 2019

Make sure you park somewhere logged into a strong WiFi signal.

sroh | April 3, 2019

Both my wife and I are still on 5.15.

Patience grasshopper....

Raffim | April 3, 2019

Still on 5.15 as well... who needs more power? Lollll

LA-Fohlen | April 3, 2019

@kevin_rf and I saved a bunch of money by switching to 8.4

CharleyBC | April 3, 2019

According to the Stats app, 35.6% of folks are on 5.15, the largest group on any single release.

david23thompson | April 3, 2019

Finally offered to update from 5.15 to 8.3 Monday. They might have identified a problem with 8.4

teddy.tseng | April 3, 2019

I had a chat with Tesla, they push the update for me to 2019.8.4, I thought 2019.8.3 is buggy.

Teslanene | April 3, 2019

Here still on 5.15 and i have the mid-range so the update probably does nothing for me.. All I really want is the faster supercharging speeds 145kw

Rutrow 3 | April 3, 2019

I got 8.4 last night. Haven't read the notes yet to see what I got.

EVRider | April 3, 2019

@Rutrow S: What you got from 8.4 depends on what you had before. If you already had 8.3 you only got bug fixes. If you had 5.15 you got Dog Mode, Autosteer Stop Light Warning (if you have EAP or FSD), Dashcam Improvements (now records using both front and side cameras), and the performance tweak. Sentry Mode was already included in 5.15, but it wasn't listed in the release notes.

Teslanene | April 3, 2019

@EVRider I have Dog mode and sentry records on the 3 cameras and i am on 5.15.

EVRider | April 3, 2019

@Teslanene: Thanks for the correction, but let me clarify something -- the dashcam improvement to use 3 cameras is not related to Sentry Mode, it means the "regular" dashcam you use when driving is now recording on 3 cameras.

kevin_rf | April 3, 2019

I was surprised that 8.3 seriously improved the exit lane splitting behavior. My gold standard is the Devin's exit (37) on MA 2 West. Previous firmwares lined you up with the ramp divider. Two nights in a row 8.3, bobbed a little, but didn't try to put you on a collision course with the ramp divider.

Effopec | April 3, 2019

Still 5.15 for me. Sometimes I've gotten updates quickly, others I've lagged. Hell when it was delivered it was a few versions old. I wonder how their algorithm works to decide who goes first?

ertiblu | April 3, 2019

Still on 5.15 sadly

Raffim | April 3, 2019

we must stay strong for each other

rv2019 | April 3, 2019

Still on 5.15. LR RWD.

P49X | April 3, 2019


A couple months ago, I discovered such a "gold standard" exit lane split here in the Bay Area. NoAP would signal and smoothly enter the exit lane, then suddenly veer to the left and drive through the V-shaped lane markers separating the freeway and exit lanes.

When 2019.5.15 came out the behavior seemed to go away as the car smoothly completed the exit the first time I tried it. Unfortunately, a couple repeats later the erratic behavior returned.

Got 2019.8.3 last week and tried this exit with it for the first time on Monday. The erratic swerve back toward the freeway happened more severely than ever.

I've reported this specific exit behavior for 2 months now, including Dashcam video. It's not clear to us what is triggering the abnormality because this exit looks normal and benign.

fazman | April 3, 2019

Still on 2019.5.15

Maverick M3 | April 4, 2019

Still on 2019.5.15. I am reading on forums that some cars have already received firmware 2019.8.5 3aaa23d, this new firmware was released yesterday, which allows the Autopilot to go on NoA with out confirmation.

I don't how they designed the algorithm to update the cars, but Tesla should revisit it. We all paid the same amount for it, but some are 2 to 3 versions ahead of others. That is not fair.

spuzzz123 | April 4, 2019

I'm ok with other people testing releases first...improves the quality of the product I get to drive. I know it looks like you (and I) are 3 releases behind. But I bet you some of those releases are to fix the bugs introduced in 8.3 and 8.4. We will probably leap straight to 8.5 when our time is up. I'm happy to skip the buggier releases.

Jlomb436 | April 4, 2019

I'm okay with waiting too, except I've been having audio problems on 5.15. I started a chat session with Tesla and they basically told me that they don't send updates upon request. I'm sure I could call the service center, but I really wish they released less buggy updates.

Crossing fingers it happens soon.

ertiblu | April 5, 2019

UPDATE: I just recieved 8.5 This morning :-) I went straight from 5.15 to this so I missed all previous revisions. I'm thinking this is the version that most of us 5.15'ers are going to get. Almost there!

Brunoranger | April 5, 2019

I received 8.5 last night over LTE, one day after emailing Tesla service center to send 8.4 (I was on 8.3 and they sent me 8.4 right away) due to phantom drain loss...

mkrueger3 | April 5, 2019

Had been waiting a month for the 8.3 or 8.4 update and once 8.5 was released yesterday I received it that evening! The release notes mentioned the 5% power increase, Red Light Warning while on Autosteer and auto lane change without confirmation while in Navigate on Autopilot. I did have a chance to test the red light warning and it does work but have yet to test the latest Navigate on Autopilot lane change feature. As far as the power boost, not all that noticeable. It looks like everyone should be getting this update before the end of the weekend. Teslafi shows just shy of 3,000 8.5 updates yesterday and as of 5:30 am Pacific, 120 new 8.5 updates. More than 50% of Teslafi subscribers have received the 8.5 update. This is the fastest trend I've seen in a while.

Fredvanngo | April 5, 2019

Me too , I can't wait to get this update!

stephenfootball | April 5, 2019

I was kicked out of this club last night! ;)

mehingle14 | April 5, 2019

My p.3d is still running 5.15. I received an update last night, but delayed it until 9 this morning. Will update as to what version it is.

apodbdrs | April 5, 2019

On 8.4.

apodbdrs | April 5, 2019

On 8.4.

mehingle14 | April 5, 2019

My P3D went from 5.15 to 8.5.

jimglas | April 5, 2019

same here

Carl Thompson | April 5, 2019

Finally went from 2019.5.15 to 2019.8.5 last night. Haven't driven it yet. Hopefully they worked out some of the bugs others reported.

spuzzz123 | April 5, 2019

Noticeable kick in pep lr rwd. Nice little birthday present for my 1 year old model 3 :)

Pkarim | April 5, 2019

I as well finally got 8.5 yesterday!!

Seems to be running very well, no bugs from my experience. Have yet to test new NoAP but excited for sure!

Fredvanngo | April 7, 2019

I am still at 5.15 hic! why?

wsuschmitt | April 8, 2019

I'm still on 5.15 too!!!

Passion2Fly | April 8, 2019

Only 3% of AP2.5 cars are still on 5.15. Over 60% are now 8.5 ... I would contact the nearest SC and ask for an update...

Teslanene | April 8, 2019

I’m still at 5.15

San_Diego_P3D | April 8, 2019

5.15 until the end of time...

Fredvanngo | April 9, 2019

Lucky you all got the update! I m still on 5.15, Never ending story...

Icepucks | April 9, 2019

Still on 5.15!!