2019.8.5 3aaa23d installed today, and includes seamless Navigate on Autopilot

2019.8.5 3aaa23d installed today, and includes seamless Navigate on Autopilot

Whatever 2019.8.5 3aaa23d is, one of our two M3s received it this morning.

Updated to add that this update includes the new seamless Navigate on Autopilot that Tesla announced just yesterday. Here is a photo of the settings (our other M3 has 2019.8.3, and that dialog includes only the SPEED BASED LANE CHANGES setting):

Afonso | April 4, 2019

Did you look at the release notes? And what version did you have before this upgrade?

Afonso | April 4, 2019

My wife and I also have 3 M3s and last time we both got 2019.8.3 simultaneously.

teddy.tseng | April 4, 2019
spuzzz123 | April 4, 2019

I guess owning multiple teslas puts you guys at the top of the priority list. Still on 2018.9.15. Hopefully 8.5 fixes all the bugs reported on 8.3,8.4 You guys keep working out the kinks...I want it to be perfect when I finally get it

spuzzz123 | April 4, 2019

errr 2019.5.15 wow its early. Just read the seamless navigate on autopilot release article, that's pretty cool. I love the incremental improvements.

teddy.tseng | April 4, 2019

I think it's early access program users at this point.

shank15217 | April 4, 2019

@teddy.tseng I think it's out of early access now.

teddy.tseng | April 4, 2019

Then, let's hope we get update to this version, I just got 2019.8.4 yesterday.

lunde | April 4, 2019

Yes, the new Navigate on Autopilot is in 2019.8.5:

Our other M3 has 2019.8.3, and that dialog has only SPEED BASED LANE CHANGES.

hokiegir1 | April 4, 2019

LOL, @spuzz - I was wondering why you were on year old software. I didn't think you were one of the ones who chooses not to install. :)

business | April 4, 2019

Let's see a video of this!

stevegs | April 4, 2019

There is an article on Electrek about this detailing how it works. Tried to post the link, but got a permission error.

destructure00 | April 4, 2019

@teddy.tseng it's not early access. I'm not in EA, only had my car for 4 days. It was updated to 8.4 by SC before delivery on 3/31 and I just got 8.5 this morning.

teddy.tseng | April 4, 2019

Great to heat that, I will wait if I will get this update when I get home tonight. yesterday I do have to bug Tesla online chat for them to push update, the guy told me my update got stuck on their server, so he push it again.

disapr | April 4, 2019

@spuzzz123 does your car have access to wifi every night?

I've only ever updated over wifi. Obv it still does it over LTE but they probably hold those cars back to give the more opportunity to connect to wifi before the LTE data is consumed.

I normally receive updates in Texas 1-3 days after the California forum members start chirping about it.

EVRider | April 4, 2019

@stevegs: Here’s a link to the Electrek article:

musdirector73 | April 4, 2019

I got my 2019.8.5 update today on my M3 with full auto-pilot, but it doesn't seem to include Advanced Summons. I understood there should be an extra button in the Summons window (over the car image) in the mobile app that allows you to summon the car to your current location, but there's no new button. I tried walking all the way up to the car and no button appeared, just in case I was too far away. Anyone else get this feature?

musdirector73 | April 4, 2019

By the way, I'm in a remote lot at work when I got my update noitce, and it updated apparently over LTE, not wifi. I've never had an update occur away from home (where it would always use wifi)

ODWms | April 4, 2019

Gotta change my lane change confirmation to Off. Maybe speed things up a bit.

gene | April 4, 2019

Any notes on whether it has the higher charge speed enhancement?

h2ev | April 4, 2019

Will I get notified of updates without a wifi connection? I purposely deleted the wifi profile from my car.

With wifi connected at home, the car will not sleep for an extended period of time. Over 2 hours sometimes. I have a hardwired aftermarket dashcam installed, and it will not shutoff until the car goes to sleep and cuts power to the 12V circuit.

rxlawdude | April 4, 2019

@h2ev, by any chance, are you using a third party app like teslafi, or using your Tesla app while home? ANYTHING that pings the car periodically will keep the car awake.

I didn't know that the 12V circuit was hot when the car is locked and off.

h2ev | April 4, 2019

@rxlawdude, no I'm not using any third party apps, and as soon as I learned that the car keeps the 12V circuit live until it goes to sleep, I've stopped opening the Tesla app as it will wake the dashcam.

httran26 | April 4, 2019

@musdirector73 includes seamless NoA lane changes. Advance / Enhanced summon is not in 2019.8.5
Currently it is only in 2019.9 (beta)

rxlawdude | April 4, 2019

@h2ev, so when you don't use the app, are you still saying the car doesn't sleep?

h2ev | April 4, 2019

@rxlawdude, no the car sleeps just fine, as long as I don't open the app it stays asleep. Opening the app will wake it instantly as it normally does.

lunde | April 4, 2019

Our other M3 just received a software update notification. Hopefully it's the same version as what our first one received this morning.

spuzzz123 | April 4, 2019

disapr | April 4, 2019
“@spuzzz123 does your car have access to wifi every night?”

Yes, every night a very strong connection. But I finally got an update just now am installing right now

MrSexyTime | April 4, 2019

Just got the update (2019.8.5). Not plugged in.....But dammit, now I know Tempest is coming and I don't have it.

jimmyk667 | April 4, 2019

Does this support v2 (145kw) charging yet along with v3?

mithrandr | April 4, 2019

Just got it tonight. Single owner model 3 awd

rhossain4648 | April 4, 2019

Got it this afternoon . LR M3 . NY city area.
I just went out for a drive. NOA mad max mode . Lane change super smooth and fast . You do have to nudge the steering wheel to give it the ok to change lane or keep your hands on the steering wheel.
Noticeable improvements on autopilot as well. I didn’t get any jerky motion when pressing accelerator to close gaps between cars. I’m very impressed .

Passion2Fly | April 4, 2019

Massive 2019.8.5 deployment today! 20% of the fleet was updated just today... both Wi-Fi and LTE deployments... it must be safety related...

jacques | April 5, 2019

Just got it on my Model S In Florida.... Can't wait to try it because 2019.8.3 was a mess and the car would slam on the brakes for no reasons.

aperfectecho | April 5, 2019

Just got it overnight, but no chance to check the AP function. I did notice some Phantom Braking with the last update, and that was concerning. Hope it's fixed

disapr | April 5, 2019

I got 8.5 last night within 10 minutes of arriving home and connecting to wifi. Huge AP improvement this morning. AP is available and working in parts of my neighborhood were it is normally not available and if it was it was very unsure. Noticeable improvements on other side roads where it was previously less confident.

SPeditor | April 5, 2019

Downloaded last night. Tried this morning going to work. Very cool. I felt like a passenger. :)

It waited for cars further back to pass before changing lanes. In LA I wouldn't signal till they pass so this felt different.

Question for you all. How do you deal with a person in the next lane ahead of you with their signal light on trying to get into your line, while on NOA? My car doesn't see the signal light I assume so it drives past the car or just stays in a spot where the car isn't able to move over. Do you take control of the car? I tried to create more distance with the car length space but it took too long to adjust. I then took control and braked for the car to move in my lane. However the car behind me didn't like that. What do you guys do? And will our cars be able to view car signal lights in the future?

billlake2000 | April 5, 2019

SPeditor, excellent question. That bit of illustration should go directly to the programming team to add to their list of conditions to solve for.

SPeditor | April 5, 2019

Thank you. To add to this, there was another time where the car in the other lane was about two or three car lengths ahead. They put on their signal to get into my lane. Well the car ahead of me changed lanes so my car sped up instead of letting the first car into my lane. I look like a jerk to that driver and could have possibly hit the car if they thought it was safe to move into my lane. So for now I will take control of the car when another car tries to get into my lane ahead of me. I'm open to other suggestions.

ssmoorti | April 5, 2019

SPeditor, for your first question I momentarily reduce the speed using thumb wheel. Once the car merges I set the speed limit back to what it should be.

For your second point , I never had that problem. When ever a car merges ahead of me M3 always slows down. In-fact for merging traffics I felt Tesla is the best in handling compared to any other Autonomous car available today. I have experienced with Toyota and BMW.

kcheng | April 5, 2019

Wifi in Maine must be slow. I got 8.5 this evening. First update since December!

roaddevil | April 6, 2019


Just curious, why WiFi has anything to do with the State of Maine ? is not WiFI individual home or a business thing? :)

Is it possible you meant LTE?

h2ev | April 6, 2019

Just for fun I reconnected my car to wifi and got the update notification on my app within 10 minutes. Installing now.

I wish it would at least notify me of updates without wifi.

mikesyl | April 6, 2019

I went from 2019.8.4 to 2019.8.5. I did not enable the lane change feature in the morning and everything was fine. I enabled the feature in the afternoon and when I shifted to reverse I received error "Blind spot monitoring reduced" and I also was unable to utilize Navigate on Autopilot. Tried reboot and power off multiple times with no change. Tesla told me to schedule a service visit. This morning the issue was gone and I was able to use the feature. Will continue to monitor.

kcheng | April 6, 2019

@roaddevil, I was making a joke.

stephenfootball | April 6, 2019

@mikesyl, same thing happened to me the day after update. The warning went away after I put it in drive. Has only happened once.

harrypward | April 10, 2019

I just got this update this morning, I'd recommend to those who haven't got it to call Tesla support. I called them three days ago complaining that I hadn't received an update for my Model 3 since late December (I bought on Dec 15). I got the latest this morning with the Beta Autopilot update for lane changes and sentry mode, dog mode and a whole bunch of other things. Call and complain :)

harrypward | April 10, 2019

You need to have the car hooked up to a good wifi or no updates, that's for the state of Maine comment, I lived there two years, rules are the same for SW updates worldwide for this car.

Dedalus Driver | April 10, 2019

FWIW, I received notification of the 8.5 update yesterday (4/9/19), and attempted to install it several times, to no avail. I tried connecting to my home wifi, then LTE, rebooted it, etc., but it kept failing. Lo and behold, I drove to work this morning, parked it in the lot where's there's no wifi, and about 2 hours later my Tesla app tells me the software install just completed! So I guess there's no real rhyme or reason for how and when these updates get installed, lol.

btyoung1974 | April 14, 2019

What is the chance that the basic autopilot will get this lane change option so you don't have to disengage autopilot just to change lanes every single time?