2020.12.5 adding the ability to view dashcam video in the car

2020.12.5 adding the ability to view dashcam video in the car

According to Electrek, Tesla has started rolling out 2020.12.5, which is finally adding the ability to view dashcam video on the car’s touchscreen:

M3phan | April 3, 2020

Excellent! The Cam viewer notes read great too, sounds easy to locate review and trash clips. Can’t wait to try it out! Cmon update!!!

rxlawdude | April 3, 2020

According to TeslaFi, there are no instances in the wild of 2020.12.5.

Tesla2018 | April 3, 2020

Was it an April Fool's Joke?

EVRider | April 4, 2020

Don’t think it was a joke. The story came out after April 1.

EVRider | April 4, 2020
Magic 8 Ball | April 4, 2020

Nice, that is awesome!

Frank99 | April 4, 2020

The one killer feature it needs is for sentry videos - show me what triggered sentry . Start 5 seconds before the trigger (person walking up, car pulling in, whatever) and let it run. When I get in my car and the screen says “sentry event”, I want to be able to touch the screen and quickly see exactly what the car was concerned about, and then be on my way.

EVRider | April 4, 2020

@Frank99: Since the video files have time stamps incorporated in their names, you can just look at the latest file in a sequence of SentryClips files and that will likely have whatever triggered the event. Of course, that doesn't work as well if you have multiple events within a 10-minute period.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | April 4, 2020

“ Start 5 seconds before the trigger”

What triggers it to start before the trigger?

cprzywarty | April 4, 2020

This would be great! Have not installed my sdcard in the model x or model 3 yet, even though i have 2 sd cards drives because you can not tell what triggered sentry easily.

This would make a great feature actually easily usable.

Thank you Elon Musk.

C. Przywarty

Frank99 | April 5, 2020

In Sentry mode, the cameras are running continuously, and the computers are watching them to see if something happens, like a person approaching the car. This is a trigger. Once the computer decides that it's seen a trigger, several minutes of video from before the trigger is stored, and several minutes afterward are stored.

Now, this can happen a couple of different ways:
1. It may be that the video is being continuously recorded to the Flash drive, and if nothing happens older video gets overwritten (which is what happens with dashcam video, IIRC).
2. It may be that several minutes of video is stored in RAM in the computer until a trigger is seen, and is then written to the Flash drive.
I'm guessing that it's done in method #1, but I haven't looked through the erased files on a flash drive to figure it out.

EVRider -
Sentry stores ten minutes of data, in ten different sets of files. I've never figured out where in that 10 minutes worth of video the event is that caused the computer to record. And sitting and watching 10 minutes of video, even sped up, is mind-numbing. The damned computer KNOWS when something happened that caused it to record a sentry video; all I'm asking is that Tesla start the playback just before that so I can quickly see whether I care or not.

EVRider | April 5, 2020

@Frank99: When Sentry Mode is on, the dashcam records continuously, and if a Sentry event is detected, the previous 10 minutes of video files are moved (not copied) from RecentClips to SentryClips. Video after the event is not moved to SentryClips (unless another event occurs within 10 minutes).

If there's only one Sentry event, the last video file in the set is probably the one that captured the event. You can tell which one is the last one because of the timestamp. I'm not saying Tesla shouldn't make this easier, but it's not as difficult to find the right video as you think, especially if there's only one event.

Frank99 | April 5, 2020

I'll pull my drive and check; if you're correct, it'll certainly make the job of reviewing a lot easier. When I tried a couple of times to identify the trigger for sentry, it always seemed that the most likely culprit was someone walking by somewhere in the middle of the 10 min window. Perhaps, though, I just got bored before I got to the last set.

syclone | April 6, 2020

Funny - although I starting seeing references to 2020.12.5 at the beginning of April, there has been no report of that update on Teslafi. I'm not a member, but occasionally take a look at the stats to see what update I can expect next.

EVRider | April 6, 2020

Apparently 2020.12.15 has only gone to early access program owners so far.

Mtnrunner | April 6, 2020

Nothing past 2020.12.1 in Stats for S 3 X

EVRider | April 7, 2020

Started rolling out today according to TeslaFi:

jimglas | April 7, 2020

20% according to stats

Magic 8 Ball | April 7, 2020

Checked my phone 3 times already : ).

rxlawdude | April 7, 2020

Got it. It's AWESOME!! (Press the dashcam icon and you'll see options for viewing.)

EVRider | April 7, 2020

@rxlawdude: Any other new features in the release notes, or just repeats of previous notes?

Mtnrunner | April 9, 2020

Got 12.5 today on X, dashcam a Sentry viewer work great. Tho sentry viewer does not seem to allow direct to event viewing like iOS Dash View app does but still awesome to not mess with memory cards any more! And video looks great on X’s screen.

No update yet for our 3

rxlawdude | April 9, 2020

@EV, the sentry/dashcam viewer is the only new addition. Everything after that is older stuff.

Mtnrunner | April 9, 2020

@evrider New Out of order Supercharger Stalls update. ‘Supercharger stations now identify the number of out of order styles.’

Mtnrunner | April 9, 2020

@evrider New Out of order Supercharger Stalls update. ‘Supercharger stations now identify the number of out of order styles.’

jimglas | April 9, 2020

Tried it out today
Really cool!

FISHEV | April 9, 2020

Mtnrunner | April 9, 2020 New Out of order Supercharger Stalls update. ‘Supercharger stations now identify the number of out of order styles.’

Now that will be useful. But will it be in the app since that is where it shows available chargers? When you Navigate via the in car, it doesn't show available unless that was added with the fix.

Frank99 | April 9, 2020

>>> When you Navigate via the in car, it doesn't show available
Sure it does, and it has for a long time. IIRC, just tap on the SC on the map, and it'll show what you're looking for.

EVRider | April 10, 2020

Hopefully both the app and nav system will know about out of order superchargers.

hogbear | April 10, 2020

Has anyone had this issue? My app says 2020.12.5 installed. The car appears to have upgraded. But both the car and app are saying it has a software update and after the 2:00 countdown, it stops. Any clue why? Thanks!

sfh | April 10, 2020

Updated to 2020.12.5 on my model x. No error message. But there is no icon for dashcam viewer on top of the screen on my car. Just the sentry icon. Anybody else? Advice?

MileHighTeslaGuy | April 10, 2020

Just started my update to 2020.12.15 now. Stay tuned!

EVRider | April 10, 2020

@sfh: If you had a dashcam USB installed, sounds like it wasn't detected. Remove the USB and reinsert it.

mbirnie51 | April 10, 2020

March 2017 build MX75D (AP 2.0; HW 2.0; MCU-1) 2020.12 last night (4/9) and got new Nav upgrade from 180906:1605 to 2020.12. 11866. I'll do a test run tomorrow if I can avoid toe COVID-19 police. I doubt that my vehicle will get full functionality until my FSD hardware upgrade and MCU-2 are installed.

What thinks you??

sfh | April 11, 2020

@EVRider: Thanks!