20th June "Live-Demonstration"

20th June "Live-Demonstration"

in the Shareholdermeeting, Elon hinted, that on 20th June there will not be just a announcement, but a "Live-streamed-demonstration"... my theory was, that it is the Model S 2.0. A technical demonstration for sure is a new piece of technology.

Any suggestions?
It seems not to be a swappable second supercapacitor-accu in the frunk. What could it be?

rallykeeper | June 5, 2013

It's likely not S 2.0. Elon was specifically asked about a new version of Model S during the meeting. He said he expected the usual 6-8 year period for a complete model change and a 3 or so year wait for a mid-cycle refresh.

Bob W | June 5, 2013

In the Shareholder meeting, Elon said it would be a live demonstration of "charging faster than you can refill a gas tank," as mentioned in this other thread.