21" turbine wheel price increase !

21" turbine wheel price increase !

Just noticed the Turbine wheels jumped to $6500 and $8000 with tiers ! Glad I just got mine at the cheeper price.

erici | November 1, 2013

Price is still $4,500 for 21" turbine wheels.

Gizmotoy | November 1, 2013

@erici: Only if purchased when ordering the car.

cfOH | November 1, 2013 $4500 wheels are appreciating faster than gold or platinum!

Captain_Zap | November 1, 2013

Maybe they will come with free refills!

SUN 2 DRV | November 1, 2013

Captain: GREAT IDEA!

I'd definitely buy them if they came with free refills! :-)

phat78boy | November 1, 2013

This setup was no where close to being worth 4500, this is just getting to absurd levels now. Definitely a plus for those who have them. No where close to being worth it to me however.

Brian H | November 2, 2013

Phase-out of the fragile 21" wheels?

Luclyluciano | November 2, 2013

Why are the rims fragile? Is it the rims or the low profile tires allowing damage?

steve | November 2, 2013

Anyone interested in buying my 21" Silver performance Plus wheels? I love them, but they aren't as practical for what I use the car for. I just got some 19" with all seasons. I'm wondering if anyone is interested in buying them?

TeslaLandShark | November 2, 2013

The 21s look great but I couldn't justify them when they were "only" a $3500 upgrade when I got my MS back in March.

pimp-boy | November 2, 2013


Send me an email of how much it is and where you are located.

ModelSD | November 2, 2013

Still $4500. Not sure where you saw the price increase...

P85D | November 2, 2013

Chase, I might be if the price is right. You can contact me at TMC user name GDH.

steve | November 2, 2013

If anyone else has interest in the wheels you can email me directly at If you live on the west coast, I've been wanting to do a road trip using the superchargers. In that case I would probably not charge shipping. I'm not sure what I'm willing to part with them for, but if you want to send me an offer email me. I'm planning on replacing them with 19" cyclones and all season tires. The 21's are beautiful, and awesome for the track. It's hard to let them go.

P85D | November 2, 2013

Ah, that Chase. I see you all the time in NW. I am looking for grey wheels but we can chit chat next time we see each other.