22" Carbon turbine wheels

22" Carbon turbine wheels

Hi there,

any owner with the carbone turbine wheels?
could you post some pictures if you do.


TeslaModelSOwner | January 18, 2016

they are not shipping yet so not available

jlnv26 | January 18, 2016

I ordered those wheels. I was told they are very dark, almost black when compared to the model s carbon wheels which are a dark grey.

Check for photos online, you will find a few MXs with those wheels.

ian | January 18, 2016

Only Founders and Signatures have been delivered so far and neither had the carbon 22's as a choice. Those wheels are for production only and hence none are out in the wild yet.

aljjr2 | January 19, 2016

Elon's car had them at the reveal. But, he can get what he wants. They were available on the Signatures. Even on request, they remain for Production only. I don't recall Elon's being much different from the Model S Rims. Some who noted the tire size, stated they were 21" Carbons.

aewillys | January 19, 2016

thanks for the response so far.
I went to a Tesla store yesterday and saw the model S 21" carbon turbine wheels.
found they were not dark enough so it's good to know the model X will be darker.

i'll check online for pictures. primarily looking for a real picture rather than computer generated.


Mark Z | January 19, 2016

Here is a photo of Elon's Model X at the reveal and a closeup of one wheel:

carlk | January 19, 2016

I've heard Elon's car has 21" from the S. Can't tell from the photo though.

jspeiser | January 19, 2016

I ordered these and have been watching people with much higher rev#s get VINs before me. I think these wheels are holding up my order. =(

Monkey | January 19, 2016

Elon's car had 22" onyx black wheels just as we can order now. But they are not shipping yet. No one has received them, only Elon. He probably has the pre-production or final prototype set on his car. Lots of people speculated they were the 21's from the S, but that's not correct given the tire size and that they're black and not dark grey. @jspeiser, these will indeed hold up an order at this time. I like them, but ordered my car with the stock 20" wheels for now so it doesn't get held up, hopefully...

carlk | January 19, 2016

@jspeiser I've been wondering about mine too. People are getting ahead of me for my pretty much loaded P90DL. You might be right on that but still that's worth the wait.

Roamer@AZ USA | January 19, 2016

When I looked at the tires on the X Elon displayed at the reveal I was surprised to see 21s on the car. I think they may have put a set of black carbon 21 inch development wheels for the look at the reveal. Later photos show his X with silver wheels back on the car.

Here is a thread talking about the 21s on the car at the reveal.

I didn't snap a photo and in my old age I may misremember things, but as I recall I was surprised to see the car with 21s.

Monkey | January 19, 2016

Whoops. I guess those were 21's. I saw a close-up pic a while ago but couldn't read the tire designation. A friend of mine was at the reveal and said they were 22's, but probably just thought that.

jspeiser | January 19, 2016

@carlk yup almost positive now. Another friend who ordered 2 years after me just got a VIN. Doesn't make any sense. The wheels were the only variable that was different.

ian | January 19, 2016

As others have pointed out, Elon had 21's on his X at the reveal even though his door sticker listed the 22" tire specs. That could be the source of the confusion.

Having had access to the design studio since 11/30, I'll also point out that originally the dark 22" wheels were described as "Carbon" in the design studio but are now "Onyx Black". Perhaps some thought they were actually made of carbon like bicycle wheels and they wanted to be more clear? I don't know.

I hope those that ordered them get them soon!


carlk | January 19, 2016

Carbon could be mistaken as carbon fiber although most would know that's not possible for the price.

dc661 | January 19, 2016

I am waiting on VIN too. P90D no Luda with carbon wheels. Order confirmed 12/24. It appears to me the delay is an issue with rim supplier. And i see now that when i view my order online, the rims have changed to Black Onyx.

It was my impression that the Carbon Turbine were a dark grey, is that correct? I liked that look. I'm not sure i like the black rims. I know its a subtle difference but i liked the idea of a dark grey rim.

Would have been nice if Tesla notified people who ordered Carbon that there has been a change.

ian | January 19, 2016

All we know is that there was a change in the words describing the color, not in the color itself. I don't know if you've ever looked at the color of raw carbon fiber, but it's pretty much black.

Roamer@AZ USA | January 19, 2016

You have to love marketing people that create cute names for colors. Personally I prefer pond scum green matched with dog poop brown.

Or you can have Carbon black or Onyx black.

I went to the automotive paint supply store to get white paint. They ask me what color white I wanted. I said how many colors of white are there. They said maybe 500 white colors. I said just give me white, it's for an old horse trailer. The horses had to wear sun glasses to ride in that trailer. You can get really white paint or kinda white paint. Lesson learned.

Elons 21s were pretty much black. How black I can't say. There are probably 500 colors for black also.

elguapo | January 19, 2016

It would be really cool if they were made of carbonite.

mark | January 20, 2016

This was the message:

Dear Mark

We have updated the name of the wheels on your Model X order from ‘22” Carbon Turbine Wheels’ to ‘22” Onyx Black Wheels’.

The change is only to the naming of the wheel. The pricing, design and color remain the same.

To ensure your wheel option is correctly noted in all your documentation, you will see a new Order Agreement in your MyTesla Account soon. No further action is required on your part.

Should you have any questions, please contact

Best regards,

The Tesla Team
Tesla Motors
3500 Deer Creek Road
Palo Alto, CA 94304
Privacy Policy

jspeiser | January 21, 2016

Got the same message. I'm convinced this is the reason for our delays. Why bother changing the name unless there were true sourcing issues on it. There is a reason why we haven't seen 1 X on the road with these wheels, not 1.

carlk | January 21, 2016

I have a different take on this. Tesla can call it anything they want regardless of where it comes from. The reason I believe is carbon may be confused by some with the more expensive carbon fiber wheel.

ian | January 21, 2016

Or that folks might think carbon is more of a gray color and they want to be more clear with customers about what they are actually getting.

Wait, this is Tesla communications we're talking about. Oh, nevermind! ;-)

aljjr2 | January 21, 2016

I checked the Model S Design Center, Tesla didn't change the name of the Charcoal Rim there.

However, there some P90D holders with 22" Carbon/Black Onyx rims that have VINs, so that isn't a limiting factor by itself.

ian | January 21, 2016

I doubt the 22" X rims are going to be the same color as the S 21's.

carlk | January 21, 2016


However, there some P90D holders with 22" Carbon/Black Onyx rims that have VINs, so that isn't a limiting factor by itself.

Are you sure of that? I have been watching that but I have not seen one yet.

Roamer@AZ USA | January 21, 2016

@ian, I agree the S wheels are dark grey and the X are black. Or at least one of the 500 colors of black.

aljjr2 | January 21, 2016

@carlk... there are two on the link in Tesla Motor Club, who pointed out they have VINs with 22" Carbon Wheels. Those with Carbon 22" were notified today that the name for the option was changed to Black Onyx, with no change is specifications. Tesla already updated my Design View and will be updating the Purchase Agreement in a few days.


carlk | January 21, 2016

@aljjr2 Thanks for the link. I'm at lost of why I still do not get my VIN. I did receive an email from my DES but he could not answer the question about when I will be getting the VIN other than saying it will be issued 3~5 weeks before ready for production.

aljjr2 | January 21, 2016

@carlk, I am in the same boat...Nothing in my config suggest an answer. I called Tesla, and they indicated there was nothing in my VIN that would limit production. Premium Interior, P90D, 6 seats etc..

I didn't press the issue... sound pretty stressed there. I don't expect or really want much to happen in the next 60 days... so I went to the kitchen and had a cup of patience. gulp...

mullins01 | January 26, 2016

I too received the email indicating the rim name change in my configuration. I looked up the pictures of Onyx rims online that appear black, whereas the Carbon Turbine wheels on my configuration appear dark gray. I wrote back that there appears to be a discrepancy in the color IF the Onyx black is as shown on Elon Musk's Model X online. I sent them pictures of my configuration (gray carbon turbine rims), and the black rims. I basically expressed to them that they should keep the color from the configuration.

I received a call from the folks at Tesla assuring me that the color has not changed, just the name, and that the rims will look as they do in my configuration.

I have posted the pictures I sent to Tesla here on Pinterest for anyone interested:

ian | January 26, 2016

The rims on Elon's X at the Reveal are NOT the 22" wheels being put on X's now. The best we can tell is that they are 21" Model S Turbine's custom painted black. Therefore we have no idea if they are IN FACT the same color as that will be provided if you ordered the Carbon or Onyx Black for your X.


Darryl | February 12, 2016

On one of the post the poster said they were told by Tesla the Carbon black/Onyx black wheels are not currently available and wouldn't be available until June.

Other thing that can delay deliveries is they are delivering P90D and then 90D then 70d last.

Within these groups the people who choose both the Premier and Autopilot options go first. Right now they are still are only building P90D with premier and Autopilot options. They are delivering car with VINs less than 500 and the highest VIN assigned is less than 1,000. They are kind of building in VIN order but if anything goes wrong during the production process the car gets pulled off the line until problem is resolved and then it is merged back in line. Therefore it will then be processed out of VIN order.

Therefore even once a VIN is assigned you still don't know when it will be delivered.

I am suppose to get my car early next week according to my DS. My order was confirmed on 12/15. VIN assigned 12/23. Build process started on 1/15. Therefore from getting order confirmation to delivery will be almost two months. If I had picked up my car at the Freemont factory it would have shaved two weeks off the total time. I was just lucky that I chose the right options.

couc1 | February 12, 2016

@Darryl What is your VIN if you don't mind me asking? I'm P90D with VIN 42x and all the right options (no Lud or trailer hitch). I'm thinking I shouldn't be too far behind you. I confirmed 12/17.

Darryl | February 13, 2016

My VIN is 251. Has your DS contacted you yet to give the status? My DS contacted me a month ago so I could arrange for financing if necessary.

couc1 | February 13, 2016

Yes, he contacted me and told me several weeks ago that my car was in production but he didn't have a delivery date. He did say to expect it late Feb or early Mar. I've contacted him several times since and every time its "I have no new info from the factory." He already knows I'm paying cash so financing wasn't an issue.

aljjr2 | February 15, 2016

@couc1 and @Darryl, should I assume your X's have 22" Black Onyx (Thread is Carbon Turbine Wheels)?

couc1 | February 16, 2016

@aljjr2 Thanks for the gentle reminder. No, my X does not have the Black Onyx wheels, just the base silver wheels.

Brian Vicars | February 19, 2016

Black is the absence of all colour. ( that's the way we Canadians spell color). Therefore, logically, there is only one "no colour" black.
White on the other hand is the combination of all colours, therefore, logically, there can be an infinite combination of whites, although the human eye has difficulty distinguishing

Brian Vicars | February 19, 2016

Black is the absence of all colour. ( that's the way we Canadians spell color). Therefore, logically, there is only one "no colour" black.
White on the other hand is the combination of all colours, therefore, logically, there can be an infinite combination of whites, although the human eye has difficulty distinguishing

Brian Vicars | February 19, 2016

.....more than 364 variations.

Brian Vicars | February 19, 2016

Now, what was the question?

Darryl | February 19, 2016

Ajllr2, no I didn't order the carbon wheels. The reason I responded to the poster was to make sure they realized that ordering these wheels would delay their order until at least September and to make they aware there would be no pictures of a Model X with carbon wheels as none have been produced. The only way you could see a Model X with Carbon wheels would be an after market wheel purchase or if someone had their rims painted. This is why I responded to Antonio post.

johnse | February 26, 2016

@brianvicars1 Only when you are talking about additive color (mixing light) is black the absence of color. With subtractive color (what you get when dealing with pigments), black is actually the combination of all the colors. Pigments absorb light of the colors they are not, reflecting light of the color that you see.

And when you try and make black from different color pigments, you can come up with many, many variations on a theme. :)

aljjr2 | February 27, 2016

Wow... my head is hurting... Dare I ask about the Hue's of Onyx?

Dory | February 27, 2016

Where does it state that ordering black (now reference to as carbon )wheels delay delivery?

elguapo | February 27, 2016

@Corey It isn't officially stated anywhere. Some people have heard it from their DS. Others their DS says it doesn't cause a delay. Anecdotally, it seems Onyx is holding things up as people with that configuration aren't getting VINs either a) at all or b) at the same rate as others with identical configurations but for the rims.

ian | February 27, 2016

@elguapo - Actually, it is. In the design studio when you click on the Onyx Black 22" wheel option (formerly Carbon) it clearly states that "Deliveries begin Mid 2016.

Darryl | February 28, 2016

With all cars now being delayed due to initial quality problems the black onyx wheels not coming until September may not be an issue for many.

Brian Vicars | February 28, 2016

Since most people commenting on this thread seem to know about Tesla wheels, please answer this question. Helix wheesl are standard on Model S but a $2,500 option on Model X. Turbine wheels are standard on Model X and a $2,500 option on Model S. Why?